Antop Antennas!

With limited technical knowledge and no experience in antenna TV, I ended up getting the Antop AT-400B. I realize the more conventional types (Yagi design, etc.) are great choices and that companies such as Channel Master and Clearstream make great antenna product. After a bit of research, I landed on the Antop, primarily because it would look so nice in my living room. It pulled in more stations than what my leaf antenna had, which made me wonder “what would this be like if mounted on the roof”.

Yesterday, climbed up and mounted it on the roof, came back in to do a Rescan and WOW! Pulling in every station possible (50-plus) all of which are strong and robust in signal quality and clarity. As a point of reference, I’m about 25-35 miles from various towers. And though this may sound foolish to some, I love the way it looks and that had a lot to do with my decision.

The greatest irony of this, is that it was my TABLO that inspired the whole thing. The features and benefits of the Tablo gave me the incentive to make my antenna experience richer. Thank you Tablo, thank you Antop.

I am in no way affiliated with Antop, knew nothing about them until I bought this one. Based upon my results, I recommend them strongly. Great product, phone support and nice website:


Yes, that is a remarkable little antenna. I’ve seen it discussed at other forums in the past several years with good results. Someone actually opened it up to see how it is designed. It has a good amplifier. Perfect as well for for decks and balconies.


Yes, it has a good amplifier, 4G filters, etc. And it’s unidirectional capabilities are excellent, based on the results from when I had it in my living room, and the fact I’m getting two NBC affiliates from towers in different cities (and two Fox affiliates from two different cities). I think a lot of people would like something like this, mounted to an Eave of the house, where it would be barely noticeable. Would probably be great for RV travelers as well.

I showed my new antenna to a friend who’s quitting cable, he got an antop instead. Paid almost twice as much as I did & he says its really worth it. He stuck it to the side of his house & you can barely notice it. Getting 40 tv channels from it, about that same as mine.

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That UFO antenna of theirs is popular with RV owners and people living in Condos, as well as regular homeowners, such as your friend. I bought one of those for a guest house, which had an HD Homerun installed at the time, I think it’s fantastic and I love the way it looks.

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I’m always intrigued by these smaller antennas. Could, would the Antop AT-400B actually perform better than or equal to the ones in the below photo? They are the Televes long range antennas and give excellent performance. But they are big at around 7 feet long. I’m exactly halfway between two major cities that are over 100 miles apart. So the towers are about 50 miles away in each direction.

Everybody I’ve met or spoken with about Antop product has been not only pleased but surprised with the results. I, personally was astounded by the results, given the size of the antenna. Those Televes are beautiful, they look great. How many channels are you pulling in now, and what is the overall strength and clarity?

Those Televes have a narrow beam width. The AT-400B(V) has a wide beam width. 2 of my main towers are out at about 40 miles. And the rest are clustered only 8 miles away but about 50 degrees away from those 2 far ones.
You’re already stacked and judging by the photo, you’d probably still need to do that with the Antops.
Outperform? I don’t know that I’d go that far, those Televes are good.
Equal to? From what I’ve experienced with my AT-400BV, I would not be at all surprised if they’d equal the Televes.
My Antop replaced a ClearStream 4. The Clearstream performed well, BUT, the narrow beam width didn’t work for the spread I have in tower locations. The Antop takes it in stride and even amped, I don’t overdrive tuners. Oh, and I’m split 4 ways. (3 TVs have direct antenna connections plus the Tablo)

We are receiving all available (I think it’s 48 now, just checked it’s 55) channels and sub-channels with strong signals. Sometimes in the summer months a few channels suffer from unfavorable atmospheric conditions, large leaved trees and the many hills of beautiful Wisconsin. But overall they perform awesome with both UHF and VHF. And outperform other antennas I’ve tried.

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Only way to truely know is to set them up side by side, and test them out.
Would be great to find a comparison review someone did with exactly those 2 antennas.

Fortunately the towers to the north and south are all clustered in close proximity. Like only by a few degrees so a narrow beam width is a non-issue.

I also tried Clearstream 4’s and they performed well but not better than the two Extreme Signal 8 Bay antennas they were going to replace. Finally I went for the Televes because of the great VHF performance claims. Two of our local “very watched” channels are VHF. I’m split 6 ways, 5 TVs plus Tablo. The Televes power supply that drives the built in antenna amplifiers has 2 coax signal outputs. Each are going into separate distribution amplifiers to the 6 units.

LOL I’ve always thought that if I win the lottery and have money to burn I would buy every (good) antenna and install them one at a time for about 2 weeks each to see which one performs best. :grin:

I Salute You!

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My sister just got set up with her new xbox one & cordcutting setup. For an antenna she got an antop & its really great. Spent more than twice what I did on mine, shes getting a ton of channels. Its portable & they say you can put it on an rv. For her house its perfect, mounted where you can barely see it.

Good company it seems like they have tons of happy customers. Next time I ever need an antenna I’ll probably get an antop brand.

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Exactly why I waited so long before getting the 400-BV model.
I’m so happy I got one, and then one for my mom. :slight_smile:

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I live in a condo & have small needs. When I move into a larger house (hopefully next year) that’s the kind of antenna I’ll be looking for.

I put one of those on a guest house, it is excellent!

With a full year under my belt with this, I am happy to report, it has been one of my most satisfying and worthwhile Cord-Cutting expenditures / investments. Have gone through one full (HOT) summer, a full winter that did include elements (snow), a full rainy season in the pacific northwest … still pulling in every station (and all sub-channels) possible.


You can put me in that antop club. Even tho I bought a different kind for my system I learned through my sister. The quality of hers is way better & worth spending more for. Next time I need to buy one or up grade I’ll be looking at their selection.

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