HD Homerun relegated to Guest House

Tablo is the best product at the $140 price point. At the BestBuy, on sale, price of $99, it was hard to beat.

If you are a digital hoarder and like to terrorize your friends and relatives about your ultimate collection of Rin Tin Tin and The Rifleman episodes, there is even a ripper.

Since I’m not a hoarder I turned off my Nvidia Shield with plex and now only use my hdhomerun to watch all the OTA stations live. Even the ones I would never record or add to tablo. Every once in a while you have to have a few beers at night and watch Lucha Libre. And I speak zero Spanish.


Exactly. At $140 (a very fair price) the Tablo is worth every dime. I did pick up a few at $99 during the sale, to be used as Christmas gifts. I also agree on the idea of using the Homerun to watch Live TV, rather than to record it (also use my Channel Master Stream + for that).

The people who get your Christmas gift of Tablo, won’t they need antennas as well? You can install it for them…:hammer_and_wrench:

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Yes, and I’ll probably end up buying those as well.

They’ll need subscriptions - how generous can you get?

On the first day of Christmas
My true friend gave to me
A Tablo in a pear tree

On the second day of Christmas
My true friend gave to me
An Antop antenna
And a Tablo in a pear tree

On the third day of Christmas
My true friend gave to me
A lifetime subscription
An Antop antenna
And a Tablo in a pear tree

On the fourth day of Christmas
My true friend gave to me
Climbed on the roof
A lifetime subscription
An Antop antenna
And a Tablo in a pear tree

…and so on for 12 days…:gift::christmas_tree:


You forgot the 8TB USB drive.

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Yes, but thank you SO much for reminding me. Got them on the shopping list and praying for a Best Buy “Deal of the Day” on those…

Installed this antenna on the Guest House:

Very small and easy to install. Because of my previous experience with Antop, decided on going with them again and it gave me an opportunity to try something completely different. Perfect all around, it picks up all the channels / stations as the 400BV in my primary residence.

I’m really sold on this company and their product. This (secondary) setup was thrown together as a temporary arrangement, results have been so good, I’ll probably adopt this as a permanent solution.

Here is some additional info about the Antop company and product:

The 400BV antenna is manufactured by a company in China - Qiaohua. The 400 antenna line used to be known several years ago as the “Eaglestar” (when I first encountered it around 2015) and also as the “Marathon” (depending on who the distributer in the US is). Qiaohua also builds antennas for American companies such as Solid Signal.

Removing the front cover, one finds a dual, vertically stacked cavity backed slot antenna for UHF along with basic dipoles for VHF.

A “slot antenna” consists of a metal surface, usually a flat plate, with one or more holes or slots cut out. When the plate is driven as an antenna by a driving frequency, the slot radiates electromagnetic waves in a way similar to a dipole antenna - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slot_antenna


The wires you see are those leading to the Smartpass preamp embedded inside the enclosure. This preamp which I have has a built-in LTE filter.

An interesting antenna and design.


That’s a very clever and remarkable approach to “folding” an antenna into a small, beautiful, molded rectangular box. I’m getting the same excellent result from the 360 UFO antenna. Pretty much sold on Antop. For the next antenna or project I find myself involved in, I might check out Winegard, Lava or one of the others, just for the fun of testing and learning something new.

Found a VERY nice Plex Server on Woot, replacing the original server with this:


It’s a refurbed HP EliteDesk 800 with Core i-5 processor, 8 GB RAM and a 480 GB SSD Drive. It’s practically perfect, for Plex purposes (for my use, anyway).

This is what it’s replacing:

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My only problem with “micro” form factor desktops is the lack of USB ports. I prefer a SFF or larger just because you get a ton of USB ports, which means more expansion possibilities (bus powered USB drives, so no need for a “gob” of outlets and cords, etc.).

That’s pricey - just leave your regular desktop powered on when running PMS lol

That is exactly what I wish to avoid. It’s why I bought a (cheap) server to begin with.

Your attention is invited to the USB 3 ports. It’s one of the benefits of this, over my original server.

Uh… I think you missed my point? Two USB ports isn’t something to brag about.

Most people have a pile of hubs in various draws and closets through out the house.

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I’m one of them.

Trying to figure out how many ports you need for a simple Plex server. Of course it depends upon individual needs. In this case, it’s two more than I need.

It’s an “expansion” thing. By keeping my Plex data on relatively inexpensive bus powered external USB drives, they are easily replaced and moved and augmented.