Phila Burbs' channel 6 thru 12 issues - what next?

I have been diligently working to get reception of channel 6 and channel 12 in the western phila burbs (think Downingtown exit off pa turnpike). I started with a UHF/VHF mounted in the attic. Great reception for about 33 channels, but no 6 or 12. After trying home made di-pole, decided to add a
Winegard Company Compact Video Antenna (HD7000R) for Lo VHF reception. Matched the coax lengths to eliminate out of phase interference. Tried a VHF/UHF combiner with no luck (actually blocked low VHF) , but found the reversed splitter worked fine as a combiner. Added a [Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT HDTV Preamplifier - and now Rx’ 58 channels including the half dozen or so channel 2.X.

However - Channel 6.X (low VHF) and 12.X (VHF) come in at 100% signal strength, but only 40-45% signal quality. Pixilated picture that drifts signal quality to occasionally over 50%, but not enough tobe watchable. Tried throwing an FM trap in line to see if the low band VHF quality was being overpowered by local FM signals - no dice. Just reduced the number of channels available.

I have used a compass to direct both antennas to 109 degrees - still no help. All signals that I want are coming out of phila btw.

At my wits end here. I really do not want to mount the VHF on the roof of a townhouse - just butt ugly.
Any ideas on how to improve signal quality when i already have 100% strength? these 2 channels seem to be very weather/terrain dependent.

Mount one of these instead. Looks great and gets the job done:

Be careful. The official stated frequency range of the Antop AT-400B (and BV) is:

VHF:87.5-230MHz , UHF:470-700MHz

Channel 6 is between 82 and 88 - just at the reception margin. Low VHF and Hi VHF are different animals. Sometimes an antenna manufacturer says the antenna can get the “low” or “lower” channels (really meaning Hi VHF but not Lo VHF).

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Low VHF is very noisy in spite of the signal strength. There might be some interference close by. There are other Tablo users who have attempted at this forum to get channel 6 (Philly) with varying results using antennas specifically customized for low VHF. Check for those topics.

AVS Forums has a Philly OTA section where the low VHF channels are discussed.

There are a variety of tests that can be done to check for external noise at the antenna such as using AM radio near the antenna to detect noise. Domestic sources of noise that can reach into an attic: electrical motors such as in refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines, fluorescent lights, etc.

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getting 100% strength, but poor signal quality… might be that you signal is TOO strong. try directing your antenna to either side of 109 and watch signal strength vs quality. if it’s too strong, you’ll be able to aim off center and still get 100% strength, and might find your quality increasing. but it’ll take time to figure out just where you need to aim… and may change when the trees lose their leaves and change the signal path in the fall. :slight_smile:

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Are you accounting for your -12 degree magnetic declination? I know where I live with all towers being 50 or so miles away, and directional antennas, 12 degrees off would have a very negative effect on reception.

6abc in philly is very difficult to nail down. I had it and lost it. Got it back, and recently lost it again. Funny thing is, my Clearstream in the attic running through a HDHomeRun and Plex pulls in abc just fine. No issues at all!

I have struggled with this channel for a long time with Tablo and tried different antennas, indoors and out. Even made a couple of different dipoles. None works very well and I am maybe 20 miles from the towers in Roxboroiugh. Different positions aNd antenna height. Yes I have the proper antenna as well mounted on the roof.

I’m thinking of trying an a top for kicks. But for now, it’s a no go on the Tablo for some reason. I have many posts here related to this issue as well.

Yup took that into account