POLL: What Type of Antenna Do You Use with Tablo?

I picked outdoor long range as the closest match for my 25 year old 10 foot VHF LO/HI / UHF antenna, though it is mounted in my (high clearance) attic.

I have a similar vintage antenna, I chose Other as I refer to it as “TV” antenna.

I don’t recall marketing naming scheme of the time😐

I use a 1byone 85-mile outdoor antenna mounted indoors on a pole in the corner of the second story master bedroom where the Tablo Dual is located. I am 60 miles from the Washington DC metropolitan area stations and can receive about 55 channels from this setup. When the hillside behind me is leafed out in the summer, I lose the two network VHF-high network stations (ABC and CBS) to pixelation, but regain them when the leaves fall. Tablo is great for a single device to deliver my OTA channels to any television or portable device in my three-story house!

I purposely bought a 70+ antenna knowing full well that tablo, not hdhomerun, can only pick up the channels, up to 32 miles away, not blocked by mountains.


Antenna Direct Eclipse with amplifier stuck in window with 3m Command strip. 58 channels, Cincinnati 45239 area.

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Awright…we need an Antop intervention…:mask:

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Workshop in my backyard, hooked up a 2 ft long CB antenna, get 5 out of 6 of those that’s available, watching abc 5pm news right now.

After trying a attic install I decided to go for the Antop on the roof.


Antop 720 UFO for me, mounted at the back of the chimney. Most stations are about 20 miles away and I use it without amplification. Seems to work alright even with all the thick trees in the backyard.
30022 Alpharetta, GA

I have this antique TV antenna about 25’ up on the edge of the woods pointing toward a walnut tree…

I don’t believe it was technically rated for the ~40mi I am from the towers. I get 5-7 stations each with 3 or 4 sub-channels, year round.

These antennas, I guess, were before the era of leaf interference. Though a small plane flying by may cause a moment of interference. It doesn’t have a name. It’s survived brutal storms for about 25 years (unclear how longs it’s been there, it wasn’t a memorable event)

The antenna on top is a traditional Yagi - I have the same or very similar in my attic and connected to my Tablo. It provides about the same performance as my ClearStream 4V, both are very good but not perfect. I’m still considering getting an Antop but that would mean a nasty trip up in the attic :fearful:.
I’m not sure what those elements are below the Yagi.

remnants of an FM antenna. The connections gave way some time ago. Below that, an original Radio Shack pre-amp. Didn’t last long, since I was still capable of getting up there to by-pass it. At the top of the tower (in front of the rotor) is the radio device for my wireless internet, this one uses LTE technology.

Prior to this, I put up 2 real big antennas… I guess I didn’t know what I was doing since they didn’t survive. Young 'N dumb, thought bigger was better, till a storm passed though. (initially I had a steel tripod tower, rusted out at the concrete base)

My long range Televes performing beautifully.

I built this in March 2015 and have been using it with my tablo since then. It works great for me.

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I have a directional yagi type that can pick up both VHF & UHF. When I was searching for antennas, I had to get one that could pull in both types of frequencies. At the time, it was really hard to find ones with a small footprint (ie Antop) that could pull in both UHF & VHF well. I tried an Antop antenna once, but the amplifier and circuitry failed on me. So, I bought an RCA directional yagi antenna.

I am lucky enough to live in an area where most of the channels I wanted are in one particular area (Northwest). There was one PBS station to the northeast and one CW to the south, both of which are retransmitted (under different call letters of course) in the northwest location. As an unexpected benefit, I can receive additional channels that are a good 80-90 miles north. That’s where I can get my Stadium and Heroes & Icons channels. WooHoo!!!

Antop set up in third floor window. Can pick up channels from 60 miles away. Haven’t had to fuss with adjusting the antenna in months. I was very skeptical at first but it’s been a good investment for sure.

Would be better on the roof but wife made it clear that I’m not getting 50 feet up on the roof.

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I responded “Indoor…” But it’s actually an Indoor/Outdoor antenna in the attic (Indoors?)? Should that have been “Other”?

Marathon Indoor/Outdoor Antenna similar in appearance to the Antop AT-400B? Have actually considered picking up an Antop and doing an A/B comparison scanning with each in the attic 5 times and seeing if they perform any different from each other?

Pure curiosity, maybe when I have some spare cash?

The Marathon and the Antop are slightly different. The internal receptors are identical BUT where the amplifier sits is different. The Marathon carries the preamp internally within the housing. The Antop’s antenna is external. This may give the Marathon a slight advantage…

People have found that using a Winegard LNA-200 instead of the native Smartpass amp supplied by Antop enhances the AT-400B’s performance.

If I were to buy an Antop, it would be the AT400 (not AT-400B) which comes without a preamp. Then I would supply my own preamp.

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The question is, what TYPE of antenna do you have. Not where it’s installed.

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