Antop's Designer\Manufacturer

For those interested in the development of the Antop 400-BV, here is the backround to that antenna:

According to the manufacturer it is the equivalent of an 18 to 24 element yagi. This statement by a company that manufactures all sorts of yagis…

(I mentioned the specific technical design in another thread) -

Also a view of the Qiaohua Corporation:

They manufacture every type of antenna and are the suppliers for Solid Signal in the US. Very impressive operation with 1,500 employees.

Over US$2,000,000 is invested in RD activities every year:


You already know my impressions of Antop and of that antenna in specific.

Cool, thanks!

As a recent purchaser of the “Antop” 400-BV, it is nice to know both the theory behind the design, as well as the fact that it is backed-up by a solid Antenna Designer!

My favorite local close out store has these 2 Antop antennas at what I think is a really good price.

The AT-400 series is excellent! I got the 400BV, but did not install the (VHF) crossbars, as I was already getting 50-plus stations.