A Message from the CEO Re: Subscription Account Changes

Hi Everyone –

Yesterday, for the first time since we launched Tablo, we announced a change to the structure of our optional TV Guide Data Subscription.

This change was not made with the intention of extracting additional revenue from our valued customers, but to enable per-device subscriptions for optional add-on features like Cloud DVR.

What we should have done is grandfather all existing customers and honor the promise we made when you purchased your subscription, allowing you to add multiple DVRs on a single subscription.

But we didn’t. And that was a mistake.

We hear you loud and clear, and we want to make it right.

That’s why I’ve made the decision to honor the original promise we made to our customers with an active subscription created prior to March 7, 2019.

Like before, these customers can continue to add multiple new DVR units to their active subscriptions at no additional cost.

Unfortunately, we can’t enable this in the self-serve account management portal, but any customers wishing to add a net new Tablo DVR to their grandfathered active subscription can contact support with their newest Tablo’s serial number so we can add it for them.

All Tablo customers can continue to swap the Tablo DVR to which their Tablo subscription account is connected via the account management portal at account.tablotv.com.

We have been so fortunate to enjoy the support of such an amazing community of cord cutters since we launched the first Tablo DVR over five years ago.

We hope that you continue to proudly support us despite this misstep and look forward to bringing you new features and firmware updates that will increase your enjoyment of the investment you’ve already made in us.

And as always, we are listening. We value your feedback because it makes our company, and our product better.

If you ever have any concerns, questions, or product support issues, please email us, call us, or leave us a message on Twitter or Facebook.

Yours truly,

Grant Hall
CEO, Nuvyyo Inc.


Thank you. IMO it’s not about the mistakes a business makes, but how the business handles them. And I believe you guys handled this one well, so thank you again.


Thank you. This is why I love Nuvyyo. I am happy to add a Tablo QUAD when it comes out.


Nice: :tada::sunglasses:::man_dancing:

I’m unfortunately not a Tablo customer yet, but I’m nonetheless happy to see you taking care of your current customers. It will make my decision to purchase a Tablo Quad feel that much easier once they come-out. Nice to see a business standing up and making the right move.

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Thank you very much.
This is exactly what I expected from Nuvyyo. I purchased my first 4 tuner Tablo in May of 2015 and added a second 4 tuner Tablo in December of 2017. I doubt that I would have purchased the second Tablo if I would have been required to purchase an additional lifetime subscription. I understand that you may need to make changes going forward, but again I thank you for taking care of your existing customers.

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Kudos. Nicely handled.

BTW, I just came to see if there was a popcorn-worthy thread regarding the new changes. Seems I’m not going to be disappointed. :slight_smile:

But seriously. Good to see you standing by your original promise without a class-action lawsuit and every affected customer getting a candy wrapper while some law firm walks off with $20 million in “fees”.

Nuvyyo is a class act. Thank you, Grant!

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Nice to do business with a company who looks out for its customers. Thank you!

But this sparks what I think may be a really dumb question here, and I’m not asking sarcastically: why would someone need more than 1 tablo device in the first place? The beauty of tablo is it feeds my whole home: slap a roku on every TV and they can connect to 1 tablo device. What is the use case for needing to add a second tablo device to my home?

I may still be in a situation as I only purchased my Table Four Tuner in January and am currently on a one-year complimentary Guide Subscription. I have not actually Purchased a Lifetime Subscription but was planning on it when the One Year Free Subscription was up.


Thank You!

Wow. Super impressed here. You have my loyalty and I cant wait to update to the QUAD.


More tuners would be the primary reason.

Say you buy a two tuner and later realize its not enough, you might want to buy a second 2 tuner or maybe even a 4 tuner.

Have also seen some set up separate Tablos for different people in the house. Others added a second one to connect to a second antenna pointed a different direction rather than combining the two (and lowering the signal strength on both).

Others may have two Tablos at two different locations, say a second / vacation home, etc.

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I would rather still have the per account guide subscription cost, but just have it to where we would have to pay additional for features per device. $150 for each device is asking a lot for someone who wants more than one device. I will say it is nice that you guys are honoring the previous customers.

Makes great sense - thanks for the reply!

Happy to see the Nuvyyo CEO make this right. I have been a happy Tablo owner coming up on 4 years now, and tho I don’t necessarily think I’ll ever run more than one unit at a time, it’s nice to know I have that option once again.

Many many Thanks! I will now be buying the new Quad when available! :smiley:

Just because you’ve taken advantage of a promo doesn’t mean we’ll leave you in the dust @kennyc. You have an active subscription account prior to the change, so you and folks like you are covered.


Thank You - you have restored my faith in Nuvyyo! My four tuner will be 5 yrs old in a couple of months and I will be getting the new model and would like to run both for a while until I build up my inventory of Golden Oldies. I just don’t want to go thru the pain of transferring from one hd to another, on a Mac. (Still hope you will fix this missing piece some day)

Cheers, Jim

This is obviously a great move, and the right one. But I can’t help but think it’s leaving some people behind who may also deserve this perk. I haven’t been following all of the Quad discussion, but my understanding is that this has been marketed for quite some time, and it seems a lot of people refrained from buying a unit since the Quad was aggressively marketed as being on the horizon, presumably (but I don’t know for sure) with the unlimited guide subscriptions implied to be part of the deal. Why not allow the first week or so of Quad purchasers to get in on the deal?

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Thanks for making the decision to honor our original terms. This is the kind of thing we have come to expect from Nuvyyo and the great Tablo product. Will be buying a new quad in the future.

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