Is this still a thing?

I’m not sure if I chose the right category for this but I do think this is a support question so here goes.
Is the information in the link still valid for adding legacy Tablo’s to a grandfathered account? I’m considering getting a refurbished Tablo Quad to add to it.

I have called to have them add devices to my “older” accounts. Now with expanded hours it should be even easier.

I recently bought another refurbished Tablo and filed a support ticket to have it added to my grandfathered account. They took care of that for me fairly quickly.

I tried to have a refurb tablo quad added to my account, they sent me a link to instructions on how to set up multiple tablos in the same household.
I get the feeling they didn’t tell their new hires about the grandfathered tablos. I responded with both the link to the post from the CEO and telling them my account was a grandfathered lifetime account. hopefully that will work

To be clear - any/all subscription prior to a specific date are grandfathered. Their confusion maybe looking for info for specific “lifetime account”.

A Message from the CEO Re: Subscription Account Changes

That’s why I’ve made the decision to honor the original promise we made to our customers with an active subscription created prior to March 7, 2019.

there was a misunderstanding about a membership, which never exsisted

they responded with an apology for the confusion and added the tablo thankfully

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