A Message from the CEO Re: Subscription Account Changes


Or, perhaps “better”, grandfather people in that clear out old inventory of 2 and 4 tuner Tablos for next month or so. Thus, you clear inventory, and possibly get a future upgrade purchase. Just thinking out loud.


Thank you!


Or you can do this if you get a new QUAD.


Ohh, I didn’t know you could txfer from one to the other. I have a 2TB hd full, and I was just going to leave it cook with the old schedule.


Lol, this is me exactly. Would have purchased about a month ago but decided to wait for the Quad. I’ve done so much research and reading on Tablo in the meantime, I can’t help feel a bit cheated.


Yes, it seems you and many other people “bought into” the Tablo product a while ago, there was just nobody there to take your money.


I’m in the same boat as douga. Found Tablo while looking for an alternative to TiVo. Decided to wait for the Quad.
However… I don’t feel cheated. I’m still buying the Quad and I’m still buying lifetime. So for me, the initial investment is still the same as I was planning. If it turns out that 4 tuners isn’t enough (we currently have 8 with the TiVos, but I don’t think we’re ever recording more than 2 or 3 things anymore. Used to record a lot more…) then I guess i’d Be lying if I said there wasn’t at least some small measure of disappointment at now being required to get another sub, but would it stop me? No.
And you can’t really expect a company to plan on the “maybe I might want a second one at some unplanned point in the future”.

So kudos to them for listening and taking care of their existing customer base and best wishes for great new things going forward.


Hey, thanks - you have a great memory. I forgot about that. (I can’t even remember when I could remember longer than a day) :grinning: [78 yrs will do that to you] :tired_face:


If you live between city’s you could have two outside antenna pointing at each city? Then Name you Tablo different names that way when you connect to the Tablo you know which one to connect to. I’ve done that so I don’t have to rotate my antenna. H&I and INO Television is in a different direction than all the other channels.


Poor unmarried soul.
Just wait. :wink:


Please forgive the newbie question but why would one need more than 1 Tablo, other than to be able to record more than 4 programs at once?

With the Tablo, you install on the network and then stream via an app like ROKU. If i have a ROKU on each TV, upto 6 of them i think it is, i can watch any program recorded on any tv in the home. Right?

If yes, what are some of the reasons people would need more than 1 Tablo?

Just curious because your post did give me a moment of pause… if i have more than 1 Tablo, i need to purchase now, more than 1 lifetime subscription (assuming i don’t want to do monthly or annual).

Thanks for allowing the question.



1 is mine
1 is my wife’s

We tried sharing 1.
There’s no user profile, like Netflix has, so every recording, mine, and hers shows up.
We have different tastes, so I don’t watch her recordings, and she doesn’t watch mine.
She records everything, and keeps them forever.
I delete a recording after I watch it.
Drove each other nuts.

Stress levels dramatically dropped after we bought a 2nd. :slight_smile:


I bought my second Tablo because I like to record a lot of the older TV shows, most of which are on the sub-channels and I needed more tuners. Once recorded, I use Tablo Ripper to copy the recordings to my computer where I edit out the commercials and finally save the edited files to my NAS server where I use Plex to watch them.


I hate perfection.
I love righteous correction.
Thank you!


Thank you all for the examples. That’s exactly what i needed. Thanks again!


With this change does that mean I have to pay twice for monthly if I have 2 or is it just if you’re doing a lifetime sub?


If you had a subscription as of 3/7 nothing changes.


I don’t see damage control making a company so great suddenly. Just days ago, in Updates on Cloud DVR & Automatic Commercial Skip, Changes to TV Guide Subscription Accounts comments were made:

Anyone who thought that a small company like Nuvyyo could always only charge $150 dollars for a lifetime subscription covering multiple devices, new devices, and their replacements plus new features on all devices has been hitting the pipe too much.

Suggesting the company leaders made a bad decision up front - and it should have been obvious to someone running a major business.

All the facts have been posted in the blog and on FB.

We debated it a lot internally, but if we wanted to start rolling out new paid services it just wasn’t possible with the current account structure.

This wasn’t an “o crap we made a mistake” moment. They clearly spelled out the fact that they’re changing what they already sold to existing owners, they even gave a nice animated GIF as an example of how it’ll affect existing owners.

Another quote “facts” from the company, time was spent making this decision. They knew what they were doing to users as it was well thought out… not a mistaken oversight.

Classic Bait and Switch.

That’s a fair argument. So legally it might not be a bait and switch (IANAL); but ethically it just shows that they can’t stand behind their promises.

It has been suggested they use unfair or deceitful practices and may be willing to make unethical business decisions. Backtracking is just looking for another way to polish their methods… but does it change their policies or models?

I don’t think it’s fair to change the terms/conditions

A couple days ago someone fusses “it’s not fair”, you get your way and now it’s a magnanimous company again? Nuvyyo certainly got their money’s worth for damage control and public relations services.

Are multiple devices limited to liftime supscription (pre 3-7-19)

…and when you did your “system maintenance” to modify your subscription service, before announcing it, you screwed up users tablo devices! We have to refresh and that still did restore the scheduling. Your maintenance, many now view as a screw job (since backtracked) really screwed with our devices… for the services we paid for!


Is your “you” a plural/general form of you? You did quote me, but hard to tell if your question was directed at me or rhetorical.