A Message from the CEO Re: Subscription Account Changes


@djk44883 Not sure where you live or what companies you deal with now a days but I come from a time when “The customer was always right”. That is not the times we live in now unfortunately. We live in a time of price gouging, hidden monopolies and customer oppression. So to see a company admit a mistake and make it right by their customers instead of posturing a “screw them” mentality is quite refreshing.


It was more generalize for the populous in context with the entire message, sorry for the misunderstanding.


I am generally “anti-corporation” views. The customer always being right probably diminished with the entitlement generation type of perception much of our society has. The information appears to show they knew what they were doing, or suggest, it was obvious it wouldn’t work, and the decision was made regardless. Then damage control.

Sure it was great they straightened it out, but does that heal the wounds? You know what they are capable of doing. They just need to make it look shinier next time.


It’s like a flash back to the 1960’s. Power to the people. Down with the establishment. I had to run to my closet and pull out my old protest clothes.

They didn’t fit anymore. Plus I’ve actually grownup.