Are multiple devices limited to liftime supscription (pre 3-7-19)


Continuing the discussion from A Message from the CEO Re: Subscription Account Changes:

Could someone clarify this for me, are multiple devices per subscription limited to lifetime subscriptions? Seems to be implied in most of the posts and comments. I don’t recall it being time to your billing method.

With the pages changing it’s difficult to to fine specific mention that I had to have a lifetime subscription for multiple devices. I seem to recall it was an option regardless how often I paid - as long as I stay current ( yearly or monthly if not lifetime)


No where in any official communications have I seen that this is limited to lifetime subscriptions, just active subscriptions.

However, given the events of the last few days I can understand you wanting a direct answer to your specific question for the sake of clarity. I’m sure @TabloSupport can jump in Monday and provide some clarity.


Do you trust the CEO’s statement:

That’s why I’ve made the decision to honor the original promise we made to our customers with an active subscription created prior to March 7, 2019.

“Like before, these customers can continue to add multiple new DVR units to their active subscriptions at no additional cost.”

Most people don’t nickel and dime a subscription when a lifetime subscription payoff in 2 1/2 years to 3 years. And who knows what happens if a user wants to convert/upgrade a subscription.


I may not be inclusive to your “most people” demographic.
Clarification, isn’t a subscription the same regardless of payment frequency? So if I change from monthly to annually, is this considered an upgraded or converted subscription? If I decide to just pay for lifetime… other than no more payments. The tables showing what I get with a subscription only shows with and with out… nothing about tiers based on payments.

The statement:

Leads me to believe it’s a subscription regardless how it’s paid for - is this true?


Like @Nilex said, my best bet would be since you had an active subscription prior to March 7, 2019 you can add multiple units to your subscription even if it’s paid monthly or annually.

If you switch to a lifetime subscription I would think you’d be grandfathered too because your are changing an active subscription which started before March 7, 2019 from monthly to lifetime.

But Tablo can clarify for you on Monday.


You seemed concerned about all the “lifetime” talk in the various postings.

That’s probably because many if not most of the users that post to the forum have lifetime subscription. Not only is it cheaper in the long run but it’s less of a hassle when it comes to the possibility of the subscription accidentally expiring.


Your avoidance tactics extremely subtle… You seldom stay on topic but just enough to keep things alive.

Yes, I am concerned about all the “lifetime” talk… that’s what prompted the question of this topic.

The number of user posting having a lifetime doesn’t mean it’s necessary for multiple devices does it?

Cheaper in the long run - first you have to define the length of your run, and decide if price alone is how you define cost and just how much you can afford to determine cheapness.

Monthly subscription expires each month, annual subscription expires each year - no accident. It’s automatically charged to an account.

I’m actually concerned if I can, if needed, add multiple devices to my subscription if it’s not a lifetime type?


Yes you can add multiple devices up to ten, because you have an active subscription prior 3/7/19


Regardless of what type of subscription you had, as long as it was active before March 7th, you’re allowed to add additional devices.

That is the case even if you switch subscription types as your original subscription date is retained across these changes.