Tablo Quad runs HOT!

Here is my setup. Everything is still very quiet and cool. Amazon also has a number of laptop coolers - I think they all do about the same thing.

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Can the blue LED on this cooler be turned off? Is it visible in a darkened room?

No you cannot turn it off, and no it is very very faint and mine is all covered anyway - as shown in the photo.

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MY brand new Tablo Quad was running very very hot to the touch. I got a laptop cooler from Amazon
It has made a world of difference. I really think they should have put a Fan on the bottom of the unit. Heat destroys a hardrive.

Yep, this has got to be the hottest passively-cooled component I’ve ever owned.

Correlation between disc drive failure rates and high temperatures is questionable, however, even leading Google engineers to conclude that “at moderate temperature ranges it is likely that there are other effects which affect failure rates much more strongly than temperatures do.” Effects are greater with older drives, especially those over three years old.

Relative humidity, not higher or more variable temperatures, has a dominant impact on disk failures.

High temperatures are not harmless, but are much less significant than other factors.

Maybe Tablo and drive manufacturer engineers and technicians had a clue with their designs decision and testing.

Table support kind of opened this topic back up by responding to another post I had made. So while I’m sure everyone is sick of the topic I’m going to dig in a bit anyway.

My first observation of the Quad was that no way in the world was I going to leave the internal hard drive in as it ran stupid hot. That being said I’ve since added the 40mm fan forcing air up and out the top of the device. Has this helped, yes. How much has it helped, not sure. I just stuck a thermocouple in one of the vents on my Quad where the hard drive sits and it’s steady at 46C. Keep in mind this is After adding the 40mm fan to help push air out of the top of the unit. This of course is also going to draw some air around the hard drive as well. Yes I could put the entire thing on a laptop cooler, etc. But why… My fan mod isn’t much louder then the hard drive itself and doesn’t make the device look different.

Edit: Just found another part of the hard drive housing that’s sitting at 50C steady, again with the fan running. Ambient is 23.5C

On another note I’m actually promoting the product to friends and family, just not with the internal drive.

Yep, stupid hot is the best way to describe the internal drive, and I wasn’t about to leave my awesome sammy 860 SSD in that oven without some air. I remain very happy with the quiet bottom fan pictured in my earlier post…

And I continue to love the Tablo’s picture quality and all the ways of accessing it.

Yah, I have no problem at all with the device overall. The picture quality is great and the overall functionality is good.

I assume the situation went something like this:

Engineers: We’re going to have to add a fan in the Quad to keep it cool.

Marketing: How much is that going to cost?

Engineers: Not very much but it’s going to be a bit noisy.

Marketing: How noisy?

Engineers: Well it’s going to sound like a little dentist drill to get enough airflow.

Marketing: No way can we have that people will complain about the noise, will it survive without it?

Engineers: We’ll I guess so, but it’s going to run the hard drive stupid hot.

Marketing: Well we’re not including a hard drive, so not our problem really.

Just my guess, not saying that’s what really happen.

That about sums it up Codebest !!! I have a laptop cooler under mine. Keeps it cool. I run the fan from the USB plug on the unit.

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Actually it was more like…

ENGINEERS: We don’t think we’ll need a fan and moving parts = bad news, but just in case we do need it let’s put a spot in the plastic mould to include one.


ENGINEERS: Turns out we don’t need a fan. Everything is well within spec even with an internal drive. We even put in a thermal sensor just in case someone covers their Tablo with a sweater so there’s no risk at all to the parts or the drive.

MARKETING: Cool. When can we sell this thing? Now? How about now? Now?


Let’s say the unit itself runs on the hot side but within spec if you say so. Pop out an internal drive that’s been sitting in the unit however, and you’re talking third degree burn. That can’t be good.

They also added the traces on the circuit board to populate a header to plug in said fan as well as some other support components. Like I said, I like the device, but it does in fact run the hard drive way too hot. Hotter then anything else I’ve seen that made it to market. Oh well, it is what it is, and honestly running an external drive has no negative effects. I would be interested to see what peer review had to say, perhaps the EEVBlog forum. This is all just my opinion of course.

An external drive is not as clean looking and requires two devices saddled near each other; a lot like my Quad with the S3 Quiet 120mm USB Fan underneath :thinking:

You almost knew what your were doing…
image You forgot the label.
If people stopped touching it, they wouldn’t know how hot it may/not be.

maybe include the NAMI support number.

In my case I could actually smell the glue gassing off the label on the hard drive. Yes no joke, it gets that hot. I guess one shouldn’t put ones head near equipment. I wonder if I should have went with a different brand of hard drive for a different fragrance.

They could have molded that caution warning into the plastic hollow area on the bottom where the fan should be :open_mouth:

I’m going to give up on this topic, I’ve now personally ripped all the aluminum plates out of my Quad, installed high density normal looking heatsinks on the CPU and what looks to be the Kignston flash memory chip, installed a higher volume 40mm fan and now my hard drive is running around 41C. Recorded 4 shows, no overheat. etc. It’s not silent, but not all that bad. It sits in my office where it’s not that big of an issue.

In any event, done with this topic. Thanks

In lieu of those mods this would work if one has shelf space behind the unit:

I want to order an OTA DVR for my daughter and the Quad looked good but as an engineer I am concerned about all the HEAT on the HDD or SSD drive. That can’t be good and it poses a potential fire risk. Does anyone know if all of the Tablo tuners/dvr’s run that hot. We were looking for a 4-tuner model rather that the less expensive 2-tuner model. It appears that they may not be making the 4-tuner Tablo OTA DVR anymore as only refurbished ones are available. I wonder if those ran hot also?