There was an unspecified error during the sync process

I’ve been getting a message “There was an unspecified error during the sync process.” multiple times today while trying to watch Live TV via chrome browser (v78) on MacOS Mojave.

Any ideas? Very disruptive.

Reboot your router, then reboot your Tablo.

Since this is happening in the a browser app, why not assume the browser cache is corrupt. Use the little red “X” next to the name of your tablo unit. This will delete the unit and it’s data from the Chrome cache.

Then restart the browser app, rescan, and add the unit. When you connect it will perform a full resync.

Others have used a chrome incognito window to see if that causes the problem to go away. An incognito window uses it’s own cache and thus should be unaffected by any corruption in the other cache.

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I’ve had this issue for a long time with my Tablo Quad. I mostly access the Tablo via the Android app on my Skystream 3. Going on a hunch that the Quad’s overheating issue was the root cause, I added a 4 inch biscuit fan over a week ago and so far I haven’t seen this error (but it does still unexpectedly disconnect - an issue for another thread).

It’s yet to be proved an issue. Almost seem to be something users say so they feel better. If you stop touching it, it’s not really hot.

Mine was actually rebooting constantly and was so hot it would burn my fingers if I touched it. Rebooting stopped when I added the fan. I’ve been building computers since the 80’s, I know when computer components are too hot.