Recovering recording off internal drive after switching to external drive due to overheating issues on internal drive

Hey there!! So my Tablo had a freak-fest last night. After a solid 9-months or so of almost issue free use, the Tablo seriously over-heated and corrupted every recording for the 9pm last night (3 programs) None of the programs are watchable and it is clearly not an antenna issue. I unplugged the unit last night and let it cool. This morning the 9pm recordings were unwatchable, but my older recordings are fine. The unit is very hot, so I opted to just pull the internal drive. I have 2 issues I’m looking to resolve:

  1. Can I at some point pop the old internal drive back in and recover the good recordings? Or should I just assume the drive has been utterly destroyed and it isn’t just a few recordings that were affected?

  2. I have added an external drive (so hopefully I will eliminate the overheating issue. But, in my recordings sections, all my old recordings are still showing up there. I’m assuming this is on a small native drive that holds the basic information and points to the hard drive (which, obviously, is no longer there). Is there a way to remove all those shortcuts or do I need to manually remove them? I don’t really want to do a factory reset if I can avoid doing that.

My tech grammar is rated at kindergarten - so if I have used incorrect terminology, please forgive me. I am trying to learn, but am by no means any sort of an expert.

Thanks so much.

Based on what… the drive is utterly destroyed? Some shows are unwatchable while others are fine? If older recordings are fine, the assumption of utter destruction may be premature.

Me, I’d put the internal dive back and see, if you already think it may be lost… it’s not like you can make it worse than destroyed.

The DB info is stored internally on the tablo. Nightly maintenance mode should clean this up… if you want to put the first drive back – do not leave you tablo powered up overnight and loose this info!! Once you loose this, you’ll have a real PITA to recover your good recordings.

There is hope. One thing you really may want to consider – Ask the Tablo Team | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo contact tech support and get personal 1:1 real-time support (yea, their hours are pathetic) if possible.

For some users, the heat is a perceived issues as there are several post from tablotv and tablo support units do get hot and it’s “ok”, or it will shut down.


I’m going think about your suggestion of reinstalling the internal drive. The Tablo last night and then again this morning was hot - like you can’t even touch it hot with that internal drive in it. With the external drive attached it is warm - like a cozy heating pad warm, nothing like it was last night. I think the internal drive itself is salvable. But I think reinstalling it into the Tablo might cause that super heating again and definitely destroy the drive. So thank you for giving me the suggestions. I might try the drive again tonight and if it starts warming up, I’ll just pull it right out.

Thought to ponder, there are inexpensive SATA to USB adapters, you could use to clone or copy your internal drive to an external drive.

If you search on various terms you should find several very helpful topics.

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