Tablo Quad runs HOT!


Beautiful; this fan fits perfectly on the bottom where all the venting is located, the four rubber legs just reach from front to back, it’s sturdy and the lowest speed is more than enough to cool it. Almost silent. I’m blowing air up into the unit. Bravo!


I don’t think I saw it posted as a possibility, but with something that crazy hot, isn’t it likely that this is just a faulty unit (and perhaps Tablo could confirm and replace?) – any electronics that are too hot to hold are certainly outside of their recommended operating temperature ranges aren’t they?

Was Tablo Support able to weigh in on whether this is expected?


Didn’t contact support as I only unboxed my quad on Friday morning. To be clear, the plastic case was not too hot to hold, just very warm on the top. It was the internal drive that I pulled out that was crazy hot, both an HDD and SSD that I tried for a few hours at a time. Never seen a drive that hot.

This fan keeps the unit barely warm and the internal drive just mildly warm. I would certainly like Tablo support to weigh in; I’m thinking they will say that all is well and they’re probably right - but I feel good running cooler and protecting my SSD as well.


This article on Hard Drive Geek talks about SSDs and heat.

Most SSDs are rated for running within a temperature range of 0ºC up to a max temp of 70ºC (32ºF to 158ºF).


We’d be happy to take a look just to make sure everything is running smoothly now - and to make sure that your unit is operating as expected. Don’t hesitate tosend our team a ticket.


Thanks, yes, and the article seems to suggest that cooler is better and that drives heating up to the maximum range run the risk of shorter lifespans.


Thanks so much, not sure I need to bother you with opening a ticket as everything is working.

I’d just like you to weigh in on my experience with the internal sata drive getting hot, almost too hot to hold after living in the Quad for a few hours. The Quad itself also gets very warm, and the cable connection is hot. The fan I bought keeps everything cool, but if you tell me this level of heat is within normal operating parameters I may just stop worrying and let the Quad run hot.


It’d be easier for us to get a quick look at the Tablo and measure its heat (since personal heat tolerances are relative) - this way we can let you know if its internal temperature is operating as expected. Feel free to PM me your Tablo’s MAC address and we’ll see what we can do.


I PMd you with my MAC address but don’t see how to find my message in your system. Did you receive it?


Sorry for the wait! Just responded to your PM - you should receive a notification.


Thanks again - just curious, are you guys able to see the temps or get high temp warnings when you ping a unit?

Looking forward to 2.2.26 and really enjoying my Quad!


Still just curious, is there a fan one can shove into the empty space hollowed out under the Quad? I see small fans like this one and am wondering if one of them might fit.

I remain very happy with the quiet and well-constructed fan I’m currently using to keep things cool (pictured above) and I love pretty much everything about the Quad (commercial skip has been working very well for me)!