NOW AVAILABLE - 4th Generation Tablo App for Samsung TIZEN smart TVs

Hi folks!

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting a 4th generation Tablo app for your Samsung smart TV, we have some good news to share!

An app is now available for download on Samsung TVs with model years 2019-2024 running TIZEN OS 5+. You can learn more about it here:

How to Download the Tablo App for Samsung Smart TVs

Not sure how to get the app on your Samsung TV? Head to the knowledge base for instructions.

What If My TV Is Older?

Samsung smart TV models with manufacturing dates before 2019 do not have the correct software or processing power to support the Tablo app at this time.

However, customers with incompatible Samsung smart TVs can still access the Tablo app by purchasing and connecting a compatible streaming device to those models of Samsung televisions.

Things You Should Know About the Samsung App

The overall design will be familiar to anyone using other 4th-generation Tablo apps.

The one exception is that closed captioning is not yet supported due to an incompatibility issue with the Samsung player software. We hope it will be resolved so we can deliver closed captioning data during playback.

We are also working to address several known issues which will be fixed in an update coming in mid-June, including:

  • The back button does not function on top-level non-player screens (i.e. Library, Live, Shows, Movies, Sports, Settings)
  • Within the player, the play/pause button requires two presses to activate
  • Within the player, player controls don’t dismiss automatically (pressing BACK will dismiss them)
  • The account section in SETTINGS is not yet available so it is not possible to switch between Tablo devices if you have more than one (a workaround is to go to the Samsung app settings, delete the app, reinstall it, and then select your alternate Tablo device)
  • Firmware updates can be processed through the Samsung app however you will need to close and re-open the app once the update is complete

If you experience any other issues with the app, please share additional details below including your Samsung TV’s model number and the steps you took when you encountered the problem.

Here to Ask About Apple TV or LG webOS?

The 4th generation Tablo app for Apple TV is in beta now and nearing completion. The LG webOS app is complete and with LG for review.

We expect both will be available soon.


I was able to install it on my 2022 Samsung Frame TV. The app opened up, and the library worked, but Home and LiveTv both failed with errors. Though since there are server issues going on, that is the likely explanation on why it isn’t working.

I don’t normally use the local apps on this TV, but I will continue to try it out to see how well it works.

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Wow - excellent news! You guys have been busier than was apparent.

We’ve been behind the scenes just



The app is working as expected now.

The color scheme for the live TV guide is just black and white for the channel column instead of the usually colorful channel names. Will that be upgraded in a later build?

Literally a 1 line change and has already been fixed for the next update.

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I’m seeing something in this app that I do not see in the Fire TV and Google TV apps.

When I select a recorded episode for viewing, it is showing the ‘description’ of the episode selected.

I really hope that Tablo will bring this Tablo Samsung app exclusive feature to the Fire TV and Google TV apps too.

I also like the video auto-resume after skipping (10ish seconds).

I’ll be patiently waiting for the experience and future performance enhancements since it’s present state feels like Beta because I saw various hangs, playback crashes, and other GUI glitches in the app.

I am getting this message, Failed to connect to Tablo.

Tablo device reported on network but failed to connect.

With the options of cancel or rescan. If I select cancel, table logo come up with Tablo logo and sound, then reverts back to the same screen as above. If I hit rescan it seems to try to connect however goes back to the above screen. Failed to connect to tablo. Tablo device reported on network but failed to connect.

I have also rebooted my Tablo, it is working on Google tv onn, Rolu and android app on phone. But not on my Samsung tv,

I want to reply to my post above, after I restarted my network, I did get the app to work. So if you get the same problem try restarting your router, Thank you, Tablo been waiting for this for a long time.


I installed the Tablo app for Samsung and it’s working well for the most part. My setup is a 4th Gen 2 tuner Tablo, 1 gig ethernet connected. The tv is a Samsung UN55CU8000FXZA, ethernet connected to the same network. I am also using the Tablo app on a Roku Ultra and a google tv Onn box connected to the same tv. The problem I’m having only occurs when using the new Samsung Tablo app. When I select watch show on Live tv it plays fine but shuts down at the end of of the program with a screen that says"Undefined Try Again / Exit Tablo". With the other devices Live tv continues to play until I stop the app. Not really a big problem, but I’d like for it to continue playing. Hope you can help. Thanks.

At least with Legacy Tablo, you have to select the channel number instead of an individual show for continuous playback.

I was able to try your suggestion but the app still closed with the same error message at the end of the listed program time.

Thanks for your feedback! We’re hopeful this will be corrected in the update coming later this month.