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It is only happening on the Samsung App CBS channels (both HD and SD). Black letterbox on each side. Not full 16:9. Live and recordings. Other channels are fine.

But on the Roku device and on the ONN device, those same CBS channels are fine. Full-screen live and recordings.

All the other Samsung apps are fine. Full screen 16:9. For example YouTube, Peacock, Prime, Hulu, Netflix.

I have a video but it’s kind of long. I can post if need be. For now I am posting photos. Let me know if you need more info. Thanks.

So it’s just the CBS channel that is showing the letterboxes. Not FOX or any other antenna TV or streaming channel on the Tablo app on the Samsung?

That’s correct. Only the SD and the HD CBS channel. It’s a local channel here, so I don’t believe signal is the problem. And it only does it on the Samsung app. Not Roku or ONN.

Thanks for the detail. We’re thinking that it may have something to do with a missing or incorrect piece of metadata from the broadcaster’s side that the player in the Android TV app is handling better than the player on the Samsung.

We’ll let you know if we need additional info from you to diagnose it though.

**** UPDATE for you @Kim24 ****

Without looking at the output of your CBS channel specifically, our guess is likely correct.

The player on the Android TV app has been modified to do some additional handling to bypass issues with the broadcaster’s aspect ratio metadata as we have more control over that software.

Samsung’s player is handling the playback the best it can, but we’re not able to make any edits to it for additional handling of these rare situations because it’s locked down.

The best course of action is to give your local CBS station a ring or drop them a note with those pictures and ask them to double-check their settings.


I appreciate your getting back to me. My local station isn’t very technically advanced but perhaps I will touch base with them. It’s not a huge problem but of course it would nice to be fixed. Thanks for letting me know what the issue is.