NEW & Improved Tablo App for Fire TV & Android TV (2.0.0 - AKA Un-PREVIEW)

Happy Tuesday folks -

It’s a big day here at Tablo HQ!

As of today, the app known as Tablo PREVIEW for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV has become the new default Tablo app (version 2.0.0) for these platforms.

As we’ve worked to complete this new app interface, many Tablo OTA DVR customers have already been enjoying using this codebase under the Tablo PREVIEW name. Now that the app has reached feature parity with our original Tablo app (with some help from another recent update), we felt it was time to make the switch.

Along with all of your favorite Tablo features (and a few new ones) here’s what you can expect…

Tablo Fire TV & Android TV App (v. 2.0.0 - AKA Un-PREVIEW)

  • All-new native application as Tablo PREVIEW transitions to default Tablo app
  • Preserves existing pairing data from original Tablo app to enable Tablo Connect
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

(You can check pairing status and remote streaming quality for Tablo Connect within the SETTINGS screen of the new app.)

Tablo customers who’ve been using the original Tablo app and who have automatic updates enabled on their Amazon Fire TV or Android TV devices don’t need to take any action to enjoy this new app. Version 2.0.0 is available now on Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.

If you’ve been using Tablo PREVIEW exclusively, you will need to look for, and download, the Tablo app from the Amazon app store or the Google Play Store. (Canadian users may need to search for NUVYYO instead of Tablo .)

We urge you to make the switch now as the current Tablo PREVIEW app will not support Tablo Connect, will no longer get updates, and will eventually be removed from the app stores.

You can read more about this change, about the new conflict resolution engine introduced in the last Tablo PREVIEW update, and much more on the Tablo blog:

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about this update, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or touch base directly with Tablo Support.

Good to know! I’ve been waiting for the Preview app to reach parity with the original app.
UGH, now I gotta uninstall the Preview app…a whole 30-60 seconds wasted in my life. :laughing:

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Canadian Amazon app store still only has 1.8.8

How long until it’s updated?

Should be soon.

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1.8.8 wouldn’t play recordings with surround sound audio via Tablo Connect with the RSQ at Full Quality, the audio would freeze / stutter.

I’m assuming this works fine with 2.0.0 via Tablo Connect?

Interesting and super technical question…

So the older Tablo app was web-based which means it didn’t support Surround Sound as a whole, but would play back stereo sound in some cases via Tablo Connect.

When using Tablo Connect, 5.1 Surround Sound will only be available on supported devices when using the ‘full quality’ remote streaming setting.
However, ALL devices (even those that don’t support this sound profile) can still enjoy stereo sound even when Surround Sound is enabled at any remote streaming quality EXCEPT ‘full quality’.

So on the older app + FULL QUALITY = bad.

This newer app is native (i.e. non-web based) so will have full Surround Sound support via Tablo Connect at FQ.

That being said, this assumes that the TV the device is connected to can support Surround Sound decoding as well. Some don’t.

If you still hear audio but there is a stutter with this 2.0 app, there may be something not quite right with the audio decoder on the Fire TV at which point we can do some additional investigation.

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Perfect - thanks!

The audio works fine via the Preview app so the audio decoder on the Fire TV should be ok.

Downloaded Tablo V2 from Play store for my Nvidia Shield. Works great. I uninstalled the Tablo Preview I had been using.

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Still isn’t there in Fire TV apps.

Indeed… An app update has never taken this long on the Amazon platform. We’ve just been here hitting refresh since Tuesday. Hopefully it’ll show up this afternoon.

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Still not available?

Nope :upside_down_face:

We submitted the app a week ago and the usual turnaround time is ~12 hours.

As soon as it’s live we’ll be sure to let everyone know.

Hi all -

Quick update for folks waiting for the Amazon Fire TV app release. The new ETA we were given by Amazon is sometime before Friday afternoon.

Thanks for your patience.

Amazon has approved the 2.0 app update!

It’s now available for download and your Amazon Fire TV devices should update automatically in the next few hours.


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How about fixing the Apple TV app? Constantly messing up.

So tired of pausing a show and going back to the beginning of time for the channel.

The new app works very well. Thanks.

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You might get more of a response if you constructively post in the correct thread…

I just downloaded the latest Fire TV app (not preview) and think I have found a bug. While recording a show with the keep 1 last episode setting, the antenna cut out and split the show into two recordings, then the app deleted the first half of the show. This did not happen with the Tablo Preview App for Fire TV.

This would be a firmware issue, not the Fire TV app.

The app doesn’t do the clean up of recordings.

I’m not real happy with some of the features that were removed from the original app on Fire TV. Lost the capability to always have it start up in the recording tab. The display of the recorded shows I don’t care for, but ‘hopefully’ I will get used to that change.

And another thing that seemed to occur at the same time so don’t know if it was a firmware update, but almost all of my recordings that were set to record ‘new’ shows are not recording them. I’ve had to go back and manually record shows that are marked ‘new’ but are not being flagged to be recorded.