Unnecessary reboots when channel is weak

I have 1 channel that is a bit on the weak side. It’s mostly fine and watchable but does have some pixelation issues a few times in a given hour.It’s still watchable but Tablo chokes on it and reboots every time when there is a little bit of an issue with the channel. I do NOT want to remove or stop recording this channel.

My biggest issue is that when I have 4 channels recording at the same time and Tablo decides to reboot the box just because that one channel shows some weakness it screws up ALL 3 other recording as well. It does that a total of 4 times, then gives up. So, that’s the most horrible implementation for dealing with weak channels.

I wouldn’t mind so much if ONLY the weak channel recording would be impacted but even so. My weak channel is perfectly watchable most of the time so I’d very much prefer that Tablo would record as is, even with pixelations.

There definitely should NOT be a reboot that eventually kills recordings of good channels. Is there anything that can be tuned so Tablo would be a bit more forgiving and not reboot at the slightest reception issue? Can the reboot be disabled completely?

Get a bigger and better antenna. Or a preamp for your antenna.

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it would appear there’s a line already :neutral_face:

It shouldn’t reboot, it should simply stop trying to record from that one tuner and continue to record all of the others. This is starting to feel like a Beta product. It’s either that or the developers are not actually using the product they developed. I know many are loyal to the product, so not trying to upset anyone here.

I am loyal to the product because it has been working very well for me for over five (5) years and continues to do so today. I know a lot of others that have the same results with none of the problems you seem to flood the form with. Get a life or another product if you have so many complaints. :wink:

So my first problem was just a rebooting problem which almost made me cut my looses on the product and give up. Now others are mentioning rebooting problems due to a weak signal. In what world do you feel it’s a reasonable solution to a problem to just reboot a device that’s recording 3 or 4 shows and one is having issues? So if a program on your PC had an issue and none of the others did do you feel it should just reboot itself without warning loosing all the work you were doing?