Recording weak signal - reboot


We had a big storm, a lot of snow and a power outage. Last evening, the power came back and all was working fine until I see the Tablo blinking. I had a show recording and the weak signal of that channel made the Tablo crash and reboot. The tower is about 8 miles from my home, probably an equipment broken for that channel.

I stopped the recording and removed it from the programming and all went well.

My firmware is 2.2.22, new release 2.2.24 is not available yet for me.

Did you have this issue? Do you know if it is fixed in the new release?

@TabloTV Unfortunately, this is the current behaviour, and my only gripe about the system.

Strange behaviour…


Only real frustration left for me. I get the weak signal because of a myriad of factors causing a specific recording to fail, totally expected. However, if all the rest of the signals on other in progress recordings are fine I wish it wouldn’t result in a reboot and ALL of the other in progress recordings being stopped as well.

Same problem last week - weak signal during storm while recording. Tablo crash and reboot.

Yeah, same here. My signal varies, base on the time of day, which may be Sun, and/or Cloud related. The only solid fix would be to do a Station-Scan every 15 minutes or so for a few days while documenting any channel that doesn’t get Full-Strength. Then save a scan with only those Full-Strength channels that were Full-Strength 100% of the time. Like Nilex points out - it’s understandable that a show may be missed for whatever signal issue, but that shouldn’t stop other recordings that have adequate reception.


I never experienced that before, but seeing my Tablo in a loop of reboot yesterday was a bit confusing. I thought the unit had a problem caused by the power failure.

Is there anyway you guys can find an antenna that will get a better signal so you won’t have the problem, I use Lava 8008 Omni-directional antenna I put it my attic in the second floor so I don’t have to worry about the weather, no problem on signal and get all the major network station and more in three different directions all my device are hard wire via cat 5e to free up the wifi for my other device that don’t have Ethernet.

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I’m wondering if this “weak signal” error message isn’t misleading. A few days ago, by mistake I waved a big aluminum pipe I was fixing in front of my antenna. It cut off or distorted the signal going to the antenna for a brief moment.

My wife who was watching TV through the Tablo at that exact moment told me that at that minute the Tablo went down, while recording, with this “weak signal” error message. Then she had problems reconnecting to the Tablo until we reset it.

The stations she had been watching and recording normally are at 90% signal strength. There is nothing weak about those channels. That slight disruption of waving an aluminum pipe in front of the antenna caused the Tablo to crash. It couldn’t recover itself when that strong signal dipped for just a second.

Something is causing the Tablo’s tuner chip, despite a strong or weak signal, to go belly up. It seemingly cannot handle such an RF fluctuation that electrically causes a hardware crash…

I’ve had this issue as well and it’s very frustrating.

I appreciate your attempt to help but some of us are going to have spotty signals no matter what antenna we get. I’m considering two large directional antennas and still expect issues because of my location and terrain. I’d much rather Tablo figure out how to fix the issue. There is no reason for the entire device to reboot because of one program having poor reception.

Putting an antenna in an attic does not stop weather from messing with the signal. Wind won’t be an issue but rain and snow will continue to cause issues. For instance wood in trees does not significantly block your signal. It’s the water in the tree and leaves that’s a problem. Likewise the water regardless of its form(rain/snow/fog) causes an issue whether or not it touches the antenna. Even temperature inversions and radiation from the sun effect signals. For me certain stations come in perfectly clear at night but are completely unwatchable during the day.

I updated to the new firmware I guess we’ll see if the update solves this. The update was pretty painless and quick but I only have around 300 recordings. It may take longer for those with larger numbers of recordings due to the database update.


As I said, the weak signal was caused by a hardware failure for that channel. Next time, I think I will do a rescan and simply remove it from my channel list and put it back a couple days later.

I had no signal problem for the last 5 months. I think my setup is pretty stable, but thanks for the help.

Channel was back last evening, all is working well now! :slight_smile:

Yes, of course, however, let me make an analogy.

Imagine your computer has a spotty network connection, and periodically crashes, and reboots itself, because of the spotty network connection.
The computer works perfectly, as long as there’s a good network connection.
It just crashes, and reboots itself when there’s a bad network connection.

There are 2 things wrong.

  1. The network connection is bad.
  2. The computer crashes, and reboots when the network connection is bad.

While you maybe able to get a better network connection, the computer should not have crashed, and rebooted due to the bad network connection in the first place.


Guess removing the weak signal is the only option now so your tablo won’t crash and need to be reboot all the time, till it get address, everybody have this problem are just Sh*t out off luck for now.

We had Fog this morning. I’m guessing that’s what caused another lost recording.

I have confidence TabloTV will figure this out, but it must be a hard one. The fact that they use the tuners for generating thumbnails indicates to me that they are relying on horsepower from those tuners. With that ability, those tuners must really be an integral part of their solution, and not just a slave to it.

Hey, maybe it’s actually been fixed in the latest 2.2.24 update. Whereas I did experience a recording failure, there weren’t any other recordings going on. So, I can’t tell if the Tablo rebooted or just stopped recording.