Weak signal strength message and then reboot

I searched the forums and noticed back in 2016 there was a thread about Tablos rebooting because of low signal strength. I didn’t see anything recent so I figured I would post.

I just purchased a Tablo today and I have had several instances of the device rebooting following a weak signal strength message. Where I live some signals are weak and are effected by weather.

Can someone help with some suggestions to resolve the issue or report this issue to the developers.

The users on this site can help you and I think you will need to work with them to improve your reception to resove this issue. A good place to start is at this webpage:


Your Tablo is probably working as it was designed. You can open a problem with Tablo support and they may sign onto your system and help you but the fastest way to correct the problem is to open a dialogue with the users here. There are options with antennas, preamps and filters that may help you.

You might do a search on posts by “theuser86”. His suggestions are a good place to start.

Where I live some of the channels have marginal signal strength, nothing I can do about that. Changes in weather can make a signal too week for reception.

The device should not reboot. A simple “weak signal” message should be displayed. I then should be able to select a different channel.

The device “working as designed” doesn’t sound right. This issues sounds like a firmware issue. Hopefully support will test and respond.


Try a bigger antenna. And a preamp.

I would imagine the rebooting is a matter how badly the signal is degraded. Several times I have had a show split into 2 files. Probably because of a weak signal. I have not had an indication of a reboot in these situations, but I am probably closer to the trasmission towers than you. Usually, I only have a minute or so dropped from my show. I only have problems with one channel and my problems with that channel have improved a lot since I relocated my antenna. If l did not live in an apartment, I would have a bigger, better antenna. When I have the time, I will try an other antenna to test it out and then return it to the store, just to say that I did it. If I works, I will have to see what I can work out with my apartment management. Improving you reception is a matter of trial and error.

Learn your way around the forum, try out suggestions and ask questions. I buy and try things with the expectation of returning them if they don’t improve my reception. I went through three preamps before I used the one suggested here on the forum for my situation. I would still like to try the antenna mounted Channel Master preamp but for now, I am good.

Your antenna and its location are probably the most important things. I went through 4 antennas and returned them before I found an acceptable one. I could probably do better now.

Keep in mind that the Tablo is always recording even if you are watching live TV. You need to get your antenna set up.

My TV doesn’t reboot with a weak signal, neither should the Tablo.

Well, I guess if you can get your tv to record programs you will have it made!

Hmmmm … a TV that records … nah. Interesting though.

I had a similar problem with Time Warner when we bought our first HDTV years ago and they gave me a new HD box. A bad signal caused our Cisco box to reboot constantly when watching one channel only. TWC blamed it on splitters, the box, everything under the sun. The problem was up the street from me.

In both cases it seems like the conditions that led to the reboot could have been trapped and addressed before a reboot occurred.

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I agree that a weak signal should not result in rebooting! I also agree that this is a firmware issue and could/should be resolved with an update. I have had instances where a strong channel recording is split by a weaker channel causing the reboot. This surely can’t be a reasoned design approach.

My Tablo still reboots on what support calls “reception issues”. I have spent months trying to improve reception and eventually got a TV signal strength meter. The meter showed that my reception was near perfect, so there must be a fundamental problem with the Tablo.

This issue has not been fixed in the firmware & I doubt it ever will. I can’t watch/record more than 2 channels at a time on my 4-tuner Tablo without it crashing and rebooting.

I seem to remember forum posts that talked about some of the 4 tuner units getting really hot. You might search old forum posts and see if something there addresses your problems. Just a thought.

I replaced the power adapter and now it works perfectly again. I guess my old wall adapter went bad.

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