Tablo Tools - Bulk Export/Delete on Win/Mac/Linux

Yes, I manually entered the Export Path

When I go to a recording and click the download icon to export, it shows the original ‘default’ path.

Today, I decided to just go ahead and export the file. It goes to the Export Path I had set up (!), not the one displayed. So there’s a new bread crumb for you!
It then complains that the file doesn’t exist, but it does (just in D:\Videos… like I want!)

[edit] And just to be clear, that messy path from a few days ago was after editing it in that export dialog because I thought it was going to send it to the ‘default’ path. I had colons and slashes, but it ignored them when displaying it back to me.

I choose Browse Recordings - Shows & Series; Select a recorded series.

Select Export Video of a [any] episode.

Select the edit pencil icon for the path/filename

Use the drop-down to select a template different from current default - select different template

Select green check - tool tip says “Use by default”

Click save - close

Select a different episode – discover green check “Use by default” is just a useless as ever :cry:

The template you previously selected is not the default but the previous/original default is still in effect.

Thanks for updating @jesse I noticed (and maybe it’s just me) that they don’t display the name (nor thumbnail) of the series.
See screenshot.

It shows never updated and selected tablo as red dot, offline to tablo-tools.

Go to home and discover tablo then refresh.

Apologies for screwing windows up so much, but I hope I have this all working as expected in v0.3.3