Tablo Ripper - Automatically download new recordings


@JZPro @Nilex

It sounds like you’ll need to change your Tablo data folder permissions using ADB.

We tend to have a lot of techies in our audience so maybe some kind soul will play around and see what they can discover.


I have build # NRD90M.2427173_976.3748 and was able to set up sharing using the link posted by @eherberg. Can you double check your Shield?


I would like to be able to batch delete a range of files under Tablo Recordings. I can right click and delete a single file but not a range. Is there a way to do this? (2.3.3).



+1 for multiple show delete


You know if you like Tablo Ripper, you could just use SurLaTablo for multiple deletion. SurLaTablo does show matching on regular expressions and then acts on that list. So you can do a match on ‘My Mother the Car - s01e0[59]’ which would just select the 5th and 9th episode of Season 1 and use DeleteX action to delete without prompting.



When I added the “right-click” to delete, I thought about multi-select. Didn’t go there (yet) because I’ve been waiting for someone to help with the design. Here are the options I’ve considered:

  1. Regular multi-select (ranges and/or individual items), then right-click. Similar to the current right-click option.
  2. Move one/more recordings to the “selected” list, then add a button (with an “are you sure” popup) to delete recordings in that list

Or something else?

Your suggestions are appreciated. I really don’t want to have someone accidently deleting things, because once they’re gone, well, you know…


I have used SurLaTablo in the past and as a command line utility it worked great as a cron job in Linux. I guess I’m just spoiled by a GUI and Windows services.



Option 1 would be my choice. Keep a warning dialog box maybe displaying the number of items/shows that will be deleted.



Just suggesting SurLaTablo as interim solution just for deletions.


@tom95521 @tickko

Please take a look at the new beta version (2.3.4) when you get a chance and let me know what you think.



It does delete them but there is a bug in the way that the list is removing them from the list (displaying) after deleting multiple files when multi selecting top down.

List example:

  1. Bull - s02e04
  2. Bull - s02e05
  3. Chicago Fire - s06e05

If I select one show (Bull e04) and then holding control and select the one below it (Bull e05). Then right click and select delete. The second show I selected (Bull e05) and the one below it (Chicago Fire) (that is not selected) delete from the list. When I refresh the list, the two shows (Bulls) I selected are deleted and the one that was below it (Chicago Fire) is available in the list again.

If I reverse the order I select them in to be the one file (Bull e05) and then the one above it (Bull e04). The files in the list are displayed correctly after deleting.

I wonder if it would be cleaner to trigger a full list refresh after multiple selected files are deleted.


Good job testing. I hadn’t considered the order :slightly_frowning_face: and your suggestion is easier anyway.

Beta #2 is ready to go. Same link, new build.


That resolved the issue! Thank you very much for adding the feature. I’ll definitely be using it a lot.

I appreciate all the work you have done and continue to do with TR!


Using the new delete option in 2.3.4 beta 2 I can now select a range of shows or multiple shows. Works great.



@RavenKayaker - Did you ever find a solution for using TR external of your local network? Thanks


It’s a no-go. Even though you can route the port it seems your Tablo will decline all requests.


Hello CycleJ,
I am a new Tablo user and just found this on the forum. It is awesome and easy to use. I have a question. I do not see a way to turn the captions on when playing mp4. When I click on the captions icon, it asks me to open a file. Please advise.
Thank you.


Sorry, please ignore my message. I do see the option to turn the captions on. Thank you and keep it up!


Has anyone who wants to use TR remotely considered using Remote Desktop or VNC? In theory, a reverse proxy might work too, but that might be more work to set up.


Take a look at this post. There are several other relevant posts if you use the search option to search this topic. You might want to read them if you’re still having a problem. While I don’t personally use closed captions, several other people have been successful doing so.

And if you’re playing your ripped video using Plex, you’ll need a separate file for captions. If you run ccextractor as a post-processing option in TabloRipper, it’ll create those files for you.