Tablo Ripper - Automatically download new recordings


Windows update FUBARed my PC a few days ago. Trying to get everything set back up and ran into an old problem. The “Add release year” option doesn’t seem to work. This is mostly for the sake of massive library cleanliness, and no real hurry needed. I just wanted to bring this to your attention.

I am on version 2.3.4

Until the windows update, Tablo Ripper has been chugging along like a champ. You have made a great program.

Side note:
Windows update sucks. It went screwy and disabled all USB ports/devices. Can’t do anything without a mouse or keyboard, and my PC doesn’t have a ps/2 port! Had to reset it all. Luckily, my Plex server data is on a different hdd.
I lost 10+ years of curated bookmarks that I will never rebuild fully.

Make backups people!!


Ahhh, I see what I did. I add the “release year” to the file name when I first “cache” a recording (if that option is selected). Which means it’ll be in the file name IF it was cached that way. To work around it, you can delete your cache and allow it to rebuild the next time you open the program.

I’ll give some thought to making it work the way you’d expect and let you know when it’s ready. Sorry about that.

Side Note: I couldn’t agree with you more - the “Fall Creator’s Update” really hosed some random things on both of my PCs. I’m still recovering.


Attention Tablo Beta Testers:

I just found/fixed a bug exposed by the latest Tablo beta (2.2.17). You’ll want to grab the new TabloRipper release version ASAP. Sorry about that!


Thanks! The work around is perfect. Everything is running smoothly now.

 @ChrisToo With lots of help from @CycleJ, I learned that running TR remotely is not possible as he noted. However, I ended up with a work-around that better meets my needs. My Objective: I seek an alternative to DirecTV that will meet my wife's extensive DVR needs. I believe the best solution at this point is YouTubeTV supplemented with OTA PBS and a couple of other channels, all accessible through Roku (use of remote control and all apps in one location) with the soon to be released YouTubeTV app and Tablo programs recorded remotely (due to poor signal quality at our location) available on Roku through the Plex app.
 Originally I placed a Windows workstation at the remote location, where all local OTA signals are available, and ran TabloRipper to move the files locally to Plex Media Server running on the workstation and then accessed Plex remotely. It turned out that there were multiple reasons to move the workstation back to my home and run the Plex Media Server on my local network. Since I could not have TabloRipper on the workstation at home access the remote Tablo, I took an old, very under-powered Asus netbook and placed it remotely with Tablo to run TabloRipper locally and place the files in a cloud drive (i.e., OneDrive). I have TabloRipper scheduled to run in background at 5 am. On my home workstation I run the batch file below at 7 am and 11 am (the latter is needed when TabloRipper is still ripping new files after 2 hours of processing) to move the files from OneDrive to my Plex TV Shows. This is all working very smoothly; my only wish would be able to schedule TabloRipper to run every two hours so that there would be little lag between recording and availability on Plex.
 I was unable to get the Windows MOVE command to work so that all files were moved and deleted, so I ended up with a two step, copy and delete batch process under Task Scheduler which is working fine:
 cd "C:{LOCAL DIRECTORIES}\OneDrive\Tablo Files"
 xcopy /s /y * "F:\TV Shows"
 rmdir /s /q . 2>NUL

 I would love to hear from others who are pursuing a similiar objective . . .


Been happily using my mobile ripping settings but today I wanted to keep a record at its original copy (The Great Pumpkin) for watching next year and realized I didn’t back up the original settings. What were they before I started tinkering?


Here’s the original line:
-codec copy -strict -2 -c:a aac -threads 0

PS: You can always get default values back by deleting a line in the configuration file. When you start TabloRipper, it’ll fill in the default for just that line.


Once I have turned on the background service do I need to leave Tablo Ripper open?




Thanks. Just seeing this now as I must not have the forum set to notify me of updates.


Fyi just tried to clear the line and delete the line and in both cases when the app started up it just hung. I deleted the entire settings file and it re-created it so I’m all set. Just wanted to let you know.


Did you stop the service using Windows control panel? Otherwise, confusion will ensue :sunglasses:


I didn’t start the service. . .or didn’t intentionally. . but that could have been the issue


It’s always running whether or not you’re using it. Mystery solved. Thanks!


I am unable to resize the Tablo Ripper GUI interface. Are these settings stored somewhere?


I didn’t spend much time on resizing. It gets complicated quickly, and I normally don’t use the GUI beyond setting things up to run in the background. You can shrink it and have it remember the size and position. That’s about all.


Thanks for the quick response.


Very quick question… relating some what to this.

When I had 2 monitors, I used the ripper on the second screen. Now that I have one it keeps appearing off screen. I have tried uninstalling and installing several times with no results.

Is there a registry with the window position I can reset?


I hate it when that happens!

Close the GUI (even if you have to reboot).

Use notepad to edit this file: C:\ProgramData\TabloRipper\Settings.xml

Then change this line from “true” to “false”:


Restart the GUI, it’ll take the default setting (centered).



I recently purchased a second Tablo and I have encountered a small problem using Tablo Ripper. I only rip select TV series, so I don’t run TR in the back ground. When I switch from my original Tablo to the new Tablo, TR must repopulate the table of recordings. This takes less than a minute since the new Tablo has a limited number of recordings. However, when I switch back to my original Tablo which has over 3Tb of recordings it takes 35 to 40 minutes to repopulate the table.

Is there a way to keep both tables so that only new recordings need to be added each time I switch between Tablos?

I really appreciate your wonderful program and I thank you very much for any help you can provide.