Tablo Ripper - Automatically download new recordings


I don’t have two, so it’s hard to support multiple Tablos. But let’s give it a try.

First off, what version are you running? Something recent (2.4.0 is the current version)?

Take a look in this folder on your PC: C:\ProgramData\TabloRipper

You should files that look like “Cache_XXX.xml” for both of your Tablos, where “XXX” is the Tablo name. Do you see them?

Each cache is written to disk when you exit TabloRipper, so if you stick to just one Tablo from start to end, the cache should be updated with the current recording list. If you switch without closing first, it’s possible the current cache isn’t written when switching. So please give it a try where you just access one Tablo per TabloRipper use.

Is that what’s going on?



Yes, I am running version 2.4.0.

I see both both Cache files “Cache_Tablo-1.xml & Cache_Tablo-2.xml”. Tablo-1 is 2,276 KB, my original unit & Tablo-2 is 134KB.

When opening Tablo Ripper, it automatically opens the last selected unit, so it isn’t possible to stick to just one Tablo from beginning to end.

It appears that TR creates a new cache file when switching units even if the cache file for the selected unit already exists. After opening TR and immediately switching to the other unit it starts rebuilding the cache file even though it already exists.


Thanks again for your help figuring it out. Since the beta version clears it up I’ll promote it later this weekend for everyone.


Thank you for this great tool. I just recently bought a new PC and installed Tablo Ripper. I had it installed and working great on my previous PC. With this install I’m getting this error. Thank you for any help with this.


The connection between your PC and Tablo was interrupted. Can’t tell you why, but that’s what happened. Assuming the connection is reestablished, no harm done. You can pick up where you left off!


Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I have been using Tablo Ripper for a long time and love it. I am trying to install it on a Windows 7 Professional X64 system, but it is continually giving me the following error.

Service ‘Tablo Ripper Service’ (TabloRipperService) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.

I am running with an administrative account. I have also checked the ‘unblock’ checkbox on the installer. Any help would be appreciated.


See if the Tablo Ripper Service exists in your services. I’m assuming it will since appears it’s gotten far enough in the install to try to start it.

Verify the Log On in the properties is an account that has sufficient rights. Because of how my NAS is set up in order to address other access issues with the NAS I have the Tablo Ripper service set up to use my local administrative account and have that specified in the service properties.

I’m sure @CycleJ can provide more technical details if necessary but thought I’d toss this out in case it can help you in the meantime.


It doesn’t install the service.


Try the 32-bit version? And one more thing, do you have the latest .net framework installed?


It was .net. Thank you.


Is there a way to use filters to only rip recordings that have been “Not Watched”. Sometimes I watch shows on Tablo at night that I do not want to delete but because I watched it have no reason to rip out at 2:00 am when TR runs.

I know that Tablo has a “Watched” / “Not Watched” status. Is there any way for Tablo Ripper to have an option to exclude watched recording from automatic ripping?


You’re right, Tablo stores that bit of information along with each recording, and it’s easily accessible using their API. That said, I’m winding down a bit on my Tablo usage, so I’m not particularly inclined to add more features.


It’s a bummer to hear that you are moving on from this project but I completely understand. I truly appreciate all that you have done with Tablo Ripper! It is an amazing tool that I have come to rely on on a daily basis.

That being said, without being a pest, is there a new DVR tool that you are using in place of Tablo? Are you moving over to one of the cloud DVR solutions?


I know your winding down your usage, though I’m wondering about something with Tablo and 2.2.18. I to have built a ripper and it broke upon the 2.2.18 firmware update. I did some digging and I was always relying upon the meta.txt file located under the RecID on the PVR endpoint. What endpoint are you using to get the episodes metadata after this update?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Have you signed up for developer access? If so, their API documentation is great, and they’re more than willing to help out with questions!


I’ve actually asked multiple times for developer access and they keep saying they will send over the NDA form but have never done it. Even when I follow up on it they say they will and never do.

So without that I’m stuck.


That hadn’t been my experience with Nuvyyo at all. Give them another nudge?


I’ve submitted 2 tickets today, one for my original issue and a second for the NDA. Hopefully I hear something back tomorrow.


Sorry to hear about the winddown… Tablo Ripper is working great for me, and looks like it’s still working with the latest Tablo firmware update. Appreciate all that you’ve don for us with his really useful tool. Hopefully, Nuvyyo won’t break the API in a future update.


No worries, I’m not giving up, just redirecting my efforts. Hopefully TabloRipper is “good enough” for most everyone as-is.:sunglasses: