Tablo Ripper - Automatically download new recordings

Any new updates regarding Tablo Ripper for Mac at all?

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Have you looked here?

Hello CycleJ,

I finally got around checking and I have to admit you were absolutely right. I found the settings.xml and did fiddle a little with it. However it turned out that the connection to the tablo stops at some point which in turn freezes FFMPEG… This also happens when streaming with VLC. Local usage shows none of the symptoms so my guess is that this is actually a network problem (or at least network stack related since multiple applications are suffering from the same issue).
Thanks again for your patience and help.



I’m always happy to help. Sometimes a hint is all it takes to help someone get “unstuck”.

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Great program! I have one feature recommendation.
Do not use the output folder for the tmp folder. Or make it user selectable where to put it.
When it is put in the output folder, the library adds it to the list of shows.

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Thanks for the kind words. I’ve stopped development on this project but will continue supporting it for the foreseeable future.


I enjoy using it so be sure to come back with the Tablo ATSC 3.0 version in the future…:grinning:

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I suggest you use a folder just for Tablo Ripper and then once Tablo Ripper is done running, move the recordings to another folder. FYI, there are ways to automate that.

Yes, thank you CycleJ!

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I am sort of doing that now. I use a program called ‘Remove Old Files’ to delete the empty folders (ie.tmp) in the library every 1 minute. There could be a timing issue if you automated coping the files. I ran into that and cutoff half a show.

The best solution, if development was still being done, would be for Tablo Ripper to allow you to select the location of the tmp folder like they do the Output folder or just change it to use the program data folder or the TabloRipper folder.

Great work. Please allow window to maximize.

Good Morning. Does the Tablo Ripper pass surround sound?


I haven’t tried it, but see no reason it wouldn’t. Has anyone else tried it yet?

I rip to Plex.

When 5.1 SS was first implemented I used Tablo Ripper to rip a few shows I had recorded with 5.1 turned on. My ripped files came out in standard stereo, but I’m not sure if the programs I recorded actually had 5.1 or not. After that first trial, I turned 5.1 off and haven’t tried it again. I still use Tablo Ripper every day, but all recordings are in stereo.

I am now using two tablos. Both tablos show up in Tablo Ripper by selecting them from the dropdown. However, recordings only appear to be getting ripped from the original tablo, and not the new one. They both have up to date Tablo versions. Is there anything special to do to have the shows in my settings get pulled from either Tablo?

Multi-Tablo support isn’t great, but it should work. When you change your selection you’ll need to exit the GUI to write your “current” selection to the settings file. That’s used by the background task to rip new recordings. Yes, that’s awkward, but there were a few people (long ago) that helped me get that much working.

I am wondering would there be a Linux version? I have a QNAP running at home and would be great if I could transfer the recordings to QNAP NAS automatically without my computer. My QNAP is x86_64.

There are several other rippers that’ll work under Linux. But TabloRipper isn’t one of them.

Hey @CycleJ there is a very large .log file located in “C:\ProgramData\TabloRipper”

It is 16 GB and I have a very small hard drive that the OS on my computer runs from. Is it possible for me to relocate this file to an external drive?

What happens if I delete the file?

Thanks, great tool!

Thanks for the kind words. By all means, delete that log file! And you’ll want to disable the setting that creates it unless you’re having issues that need debugging.

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