Tablo Exporter - Export Tablo Recordings

EDIT: I changed the name to make it more easily visible 

Cross platform 

No need to install anything other than this Java App ;) Well, maybe I lied, you would need the latest Java 1.8 and it is a bit larger than a text file comes in at about 55MB :-P

But I think working cross platform makes up for that....

Currently testing on Windows 8 and Mac OSX. 


Sweet - we will all love you forever lol

Excited about this, can I help test?

Thanks, not at that point yet, still have some kinks to workout.

But close, plus I want to add a queue so you can select multiple shows and they would all export. Right now it is single file.
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Looks legit - for everyone on the forums complaining about Tablo not having this as a native feature I’m surprised no one else has responded to your post.

@theuser86 well, I don’t even know if I will “really” use this unless I am going someplace and don’t want to use data. Just being honest. It was more about trying to do it to see if I could :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent! Keep us in the loop!

I’ve been looking for a way to do this so I can put favorites out on my Plex system.

@JonPrivatt  will do

This does look cool… though I have very little use for downloaded movies, I’m usually somewhere where I have wifi.

@Max yea, I don’t usually need something like this but figured it couldn’t hurt to try :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks good!

That might be worth a few bucks…

I’d be interested in helping to test when you are ready, and looks like a great app.  Would it be able to be used to copy from Tablo to computer, and then use something to burn to DVD?

I burned a MP4 movie to a DVD but for some reason it didn’t play in my parents DVD player.

@beastman saving to mp4. But I suppose I could make it save to many did formats

@Jestep, This is a great idea.  I found a previous link you and others discussed using FFMPEG in and just started using it. Like you, normally I won’t need it, but I do fly a few times a year and am putting some shows on my tablet to watch while on the plane and during the layover.  Beats paying $5 a movie from Google, plenty of tv shows for me to watch.

Quick question though, is it normal to take about an hour to convert an hour long tv.  PC in Win7 64-bit.  Intel 2.13Ghz processer?  or is there a way to speed it up, even if it sacrifices a little bit of quality?  Thanks

@crm1975 tell my conversion is a lot faster than that it takes about 10 minutes to do an hour show.

Does mp4 play on DVD players or what format do they require?

@Jestep, I am using the command line "ffmpeg -i “http://showlocation” -bsf :a aac_adtstoasc ShowName.MP4

Am i missing anything or do you see anything that can help speed up my saves?  Thanks

@beastman it’s basically what you would use to put on tablet or smartphone

DVDs require mpeg so it would need to be converted to that