Can you pull single/multiple episodes (as a video file) off Tablo (ala Tivo Desktop Plus) - status update

About 9 months ago, Tablo said they were working on this. Where’s the update? I’m ready to buy and the Romio OTA is the one giving me exactly what I want. Problem is I don’t want to buy Tivo garbage but appears to be the only way.

Not available yet, but See my thread as you can pull shows off the Tablo. But there are also a few more in this forum until Tablo provides this as part of their product.

Jestep’s application works great. I’d say give it a try, but you don’t have a Tablo to try it right?

@theuser86 ah I thought that was just a mention of buying something else after Tablo, thanks for reading better than I :stuck_out_tongue: