Tablo Exits out Randomly Watching Recorded Show - Roku

We’re seeing a relatively new problem, possibly after the last Roku upgrade. We will be watching a show and it will exit out to the Tablo app. We were watching DWTS tonight (recorded on Sunday) and it happened twice during the first hour and I think once maybe during the second hour.

My daughter says she has seen this happen when she’s watching recorded shows. She’s getting frustrated with it because you have to start watching from the start and FF to where you think you were before.

Can you confirm Roku version that this happens with? Also, is it every show or just random?

I started seeing something similar about about 4/5 days ago. My tablo/Roku system exits out to “watch ---- delete” screen as if I had pushed the “back” button. It might take watch/resume one time or has many as a dozen times to continue watching. Then it may go “back” in less than a minute. This happens for freshly recorded program or programs that were recorded two months ago.
I have checked the back button on the remote and is not stuck. It is very annoying

Roku latest on Roku 3. Not sure if it happens on all shows (not home enough). My daughter is pretty frustrated, so my guess is that it happens a lot.

Its been brought up in a few threads now (some slightly diferent circumastances but close enough to likely be caused by the same), pretty certain its related to the 7.1 Roku software.

Tablo suport mentioned in this thread;

That they might have identified it and will submit a bug report to Roku

This is different and is normal Tablo behavior. If you tell it to watch a live episode, live watching ends with the show. If you hit Play instead of going to next panel, ideally it will stay and play on the channel for as long as there is an available tuner.

The problem I’m talking about is watching even a recording that’s already finished. So many random minutes into the recording, you get bounced out… start it again and sometimes it can be only a matter of several minutes before getting bounced out again… or it might just make to the end… you never know. But it’s happening often enough to be expected, which is not cool. Problem really only started very recently which is why suspect it’s related to the lastest Roku upgrade.

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No I understand, if you read through that thread, even using the PLAY button on Roku, it will bounce back out.

Mine and my parents Tablo are doing it as well, both on recorded shows and live TV.

During the Roku 7.1 rollout, some of my Rokus were updated and others were not. The ones on 7.1 had the issue 7.0, nope, they were fine.

They are all on 7.1 now though. :frowning:

We use the OK button almost exclusively, this may be why I haven’t see this behaviour.

Yeah, it’s unfortunate. When you rely on other hardware to do with what you could be doing with your own, it’s bound to happen. It’s too many different platforms and there’s updates on all of them from time to time. Hey Tablo, please send me 3 Nexus Players (if they work without any issues) while we’re waiting for a fix for this. :slightly_smiling:

I am sure Tablo had no idea how tough this was going to be when they started doing this. There is a reason Tivo built their own boxes, it’s a LOT easier to control and update.

Personally I think Tablo does a great job trying to keep up. Seems that every Roku update breaks something, and its not always Tablo… 7.1 caused havoc for PLUTO at first too and Netflix occasionally has issues for me as well.

Hopefully one day Tablo will be big enough and carry enough clout that they can call Roku on some super secret bat phone and have Roku fix any of their own issues in seconds, until then, Ill deal with it and enjoy the $170 / mth savings from dropping Dish…

No doubt. If EchoStar would have put OTA Tuners in the Hoppers and charged a reasonable Guide price I’d keep that setup. Wishful thinking but they are up to something like this according to some rumors that floated the middle of last month.

Easy to watch live stream. My setup is to split the signal from the antenna and amplify it. One line goes to the Tablo. The other line goes to the “antenna” connection on the TV. Change TV to watch on “antenna” and bingo, live stream for as long as you leave it on. A lot easier to change channels too. My Tablo is only to record programs for later viewing.

That’s an ok solution for those who like to channel surf but doesn’t resolve this one as this issue can occur when watching recorded TV as well as live TV…

Besides, with two small children running around, I need the ability to pause and rewind live TV when the distractions come up or the little boy volume level causes me to miss something.

I don’t want to go back in time. If you came from cable, dish, etc you had no antenna. Everything processed through the box. Guide, recordings, TV. I want to keep it that way. Like Daniel454 stated, I want the ability to pause, rewind, play. If you can’t do that, it’s just a Scheduled Recorder/Playback. In my mind, it’s just not there yet. This will be a nice hobby to keep around and check progress from time to time, but I want something that works now before I cut the cord which is in 2 months. I gave myself plenty of time to find the right product, I’m afraid I’m going to have to go with the TiVo route.

The following is meant for humor, and very little useful information from me…

Psst… that big satellite looking dish on the roof is an antenna.

Psst… It’s me again.
Don’t tell anyone, but TiVo uses an antenna, too.

Yeah but it doesn’t connect directly to your TV. :wink:

I’m tired man. I’ve been up all night dealing with drive failures on our SQL Servers (work).

Lemme guess.
Seagate Cheetah 15K RPM SAS drives…

On my main production server…
2 out of 4 died, 1 within days of the other.
First, the system drive died, and then, shortly after, the backups drive died.
The production and data warehouse dbs were on different drives.
Thank goodness.

I had 2 fail on 2different servers, and 2 in predicted failure on one of those.

Then watch the recording while it is recording. OTA is a live stream catch while you can. Some sat dish (and maybe cable) (yes, a sat dish is an antenna) are offerings recording a program that aired three days ago. That is from the files at the sat dish provider not stored on your local equipment. If they are going back three days on all channels they are using a huge amount of storage to do that.