Live TV on Roku

Is there a way to just continuously watch a station broadcast as opposed to just an episode? On Android and iOS you can just select the Channel and start streaming endlessly until you don’t want to watch it anymore. On Roku you have to select whatever is being broadcasted on the Channel you want to watch at the current time and then once that program ends, so does your stream and you have to back to the guide and select the next program for in the current time.

Hit the play button on the Roku remote when selecting the channel from the live tv grid, rather than OK and OK.

Awesome. Thank you. I thought it use to do it and then stopped after an update but I didn’t want to say that because I wasn’t sure as I know I’ve had it running continuous before. :wink:

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There may be a limit though, I don’t know if it will play FOREVER (aka like 1000 hours) lol

I seem to recall switching the input to something else one night and fell asleep. Got up the next morning and switched it back and it was still playing.

It should continue to play on that channel until you run out of tuners, either for recording and/or live streaming elsewhere.

Tuners are also used for remote streaming of recordings at remote streaming quality lower than full quality.

Alright, well then something else is going on. the stream stopped and I pushed the play button. Ran for about a half hour or so and stream stopped again.

I’ve never watched for extended periods of time, but I’ve never had live playback stop on a 4-tuner Tablo.

Yeah, when it stops it jumps back to Guide. It’s done it twice now in about the past 60-90 mins. Annoying.

Do you have The Roku 7.1 software. I have only upgraded a few of my Roku’s but the ones updated have had a similar issue. (Jumping out of playing video.)

Those still on 7.0 have been fine.

I do. It usually updates automatically and I keep them up to date.

I’m really starting to regret this Tablo.

Yeah, Roku bodged this 7.1 update (again). I’ve had the Roku and Tablo combination for over a year and never ever ever saw this problem until the 7.1.something update.

That’s unfortunate. It worked pretty good up until then but when I have to restart 5 or 6 times trying to watch a movie I’m done. There’s always going to be updates on devices - Roku, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire Stick, etc. I don’t know how that works exactly when they have an update and it breaks an App. Do they have to come out with another update to address the Apps that broke or do the Devs for the App have to come out with an update on the App to fix what the Device update broke? I’m thinking the latter.

In the past it depended on the app and how much weight they held…

The app developers WILL often TRY to work around any issues introduced. Tablo tried for months to work around a Roku Issue in the fall of 2015 and they did improve it quite a bit but ultimately there was simply nothing more they could do when the Roku software simply wasn’t operating as it should according to Rokus own SDK documentation…

In the end, it was ESPN that fixed Tablo… When the ESPN app was updated (again, according to Rokus Own SDK documentation) and it exhibited the same issue as Tablo, it forced Roku to correct their software. It fixed ESPN and Tablo.

I do fear that had ESPN or another major player not had the issue, Tablo would still be having problems.

As far as today, I know that for many the 7.1 software update also caused issues with Netflix, I have to reboot my Roku 4 every other day to correct those. I am optimistic when they correct that issue, hopefully whatever they do also improves the most recent Tablo issues.

Through the Secret Roku menus you can downgrade to the old Roku software but it will auto update again on its own unless you block it or pull the plug. I am contemplating downgrading and then setting my router to block the Roku network connect overnight when I am not using it…

Odd, I have the 7.1 software on my Roku streaming sticks (3400X & 3500X) and have not had any issues. It seems as solid as the 7.0 update, and I’ve used it extensively with Netflix, Hulu, MLB, Vudu and of course, Tablo. Maybe only certain Roku platforms are affected by this issue>

It looks like this could be related to a new feature addressing idle time on the Roku platform. We’re experimenting with different kinds of video to see if we can reproduce this and get a bug report over to Roku.

I don’t even have the ability to do that with my current Comcast Router. It’s pretty basic.

I haven’t checked it on my sticks yet and I did just get the new one. I just noticed this on my R3.