Live TV on Roku

I should probably post my full review in the General Forum on the Tablo 4 that will detail my experience and equipment and device list. I don’t think the Tablo alone is going to keep me satisfied. I’m coming from DISH with the Hopper, Super Joey and Joeys. I have 2 months left on my contract and then they are Gonezo. The Dish Anywhere as worked flawless for me on Android and iOS and doesn’t require a super fast connection to stream without buffering or stopping and restarting. The only thing it doesn’t have is a Roku App. Some have stated probably because you wouldn’t need their Joeys if they did and that may very well be true as they wouldn’t have the opportunity to bill you the extra monthly $ for the Joeys.

Well? Did you confirm it and are you working on it? It’s a problem. Or, are you going to tell me what I tell my Users - Did you call the IT Help Desk and open a Ticket? LOL!

Roku is notorious to randomly release firmware updates which then cause issues with channels, one being the Tablo channel.

Sometimes the fix has to come from Roku, and they provide no timeline on when updates are being released.

The downside to relying on other Mfg hardware/software to do the work for you. Yeah, I would say I’m pretty much done with this.

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Just started working again. It’s been streaming for 12 hours now on new Roku Stick without getting kicked out. Maybe because I was threating it with a Channel Master.

Reminds of a tree I have. It started blooming late and shedding leaves early. Didn’t grow all that well. Read somewhere that if you gave a tree a wack with a 2 by 4 or baseball bat, that would revive it. The tree must have heard me discussing this get tough approach with my wife because it suddenly started growing very well!

These days when something isn’t growing, I walk by it with a baseball bat and zoom… My do-gooder neighbor has accused me of arboreal abuse.

Well, I did upgrade my Router this weekend that has the wireless N 5Ghz band and wireless AC. Also threw KT-500 in as you know so I don’t know if any of that may have helped. Oh, and I also threatened it with a Channel Master. :wink: