Tablo App keeps shutting down while watching

I personally would not do a workaround until Roku makes their correction. I would first test their correction to determine that it works as expected then make my changes to work with it. System integration is a real bear when you don’t have control of both sides of the equation.

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This is my setup ^. I’m having the same issue watching live TV. Every 10 minutes or so Table app exits / drops me back out to the Roku home screen and I have to quickly re-enter the tabloTV app and find my program again and hope I didn’t miss anything important.

It sounds like you can’t rewind when you get the show back up and running, is that true?

Either way, I know it’s a BS way to do it, but have you tried pausing for 30 or so seconds after starting a show? This usually gives the devices enough of a buffer in case there are any interference issues or quick signal losses that might otherwise smack the live stream in the face.

Another thing that’s helped in the past is the force cache clear/reboot of the Roku device. Not sure if it will work for this, but it’s good for many other quirks the Roku has.

(Press: Home 5x, Up, Rewind, Rewind, Fast Forward, Fast Forward. The left menu will scroll, freeze, then reboot the system.)

Keep us posted on how things are working!

Apparently you have not found the source as the issue lingers on 7 days later.

Screw all the roku s**t! Do like I did and get a onn 4k streamer. Works so much better than roku. And only 19.88. Gonna throw my ultra away. Android works! Might just keep my tablo…


Glad the onn’s working for you. I’d still hold onto that Roku – tuck it away like I did and save it as a “last resort”!

I do look forward to testing them when the updates are released, but the Roku app is missing so many features

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My Onn has been working great with tablo, but I will keep my rokus, I do like them better, Right now I have 4 of then in a drawer. Anything to keep the wife off my back.

I don’t have advanced display setting on my tcl Roku tv. Is this just for Roku players?

When will this update be released. I have been having this issue since late November.

Exact same issue with the brand new 4 tuner version. Shuts down and screen goes to snow with buzzing sound. Can’t do anything but reboot Roku. Sometimes it reboots itself.

A similar problem occurred with Plex Live TV/DVR on Roku. As I reported to Plex back in October 2023:

“Plex live TV 720p channels work, but 1080i channels fail after about 2 minutes on a Roku Streambar and a Roku Ultra that are both on Roku OS 12.5, build 4169.”

In November, Plex came up with a setting that lets you work around the bug introduced by Roku 12.5:

“'We are about to ship another preview release that may have a fix for the issue. We have opted to make this an experimental setting and it’s attached to the ‘Allow MPEG2’ option. When ‘Allow MPEG2’ is enabled, you’ll see another sub option named ‘Experimental 1080p MPEG2’. This sub option will allow direct streaming resolutions up to 1080p (again), but it should hopefully fix the memory issue. Without going into too much detail, we have found that using a different container to deliver the stream won’t exhaust the memory during playback.”

Hopefully Tablo tech support will soon roll out the same kind of fix that Plex came up with.

It’s ultimately Roku’s responsibility to deal with the MPEG2 streaming memory problem that they introduced.

Plex DVR works fine with the experimental MPEG2 option. Maybe Tablo needs to find a friend at Plex?

I watch whole football games I’ve recorded at full quality that way. Haven’t really noticed any issues.

Hi folks -

The Roku app update with the workaround is now live:


They really don’t like it when things don’t just work do they.

Thank you! Seems to be working now.

I hooked my roku ultra back up and everything seems to be working Thank You!

@TabloTV I have version 0.8.500 and tablo still crashes after a few minutes and reverts back to the Roku home screen. PLEASE HELP!!!

I spoke too soon, It is still reverting back to the homescreen while using roku. Not as often as before but at least once a night. Please somone fix this thing.

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There continues to be issues with FireTV 4K 1st gen too. Tablo releases fixes that seem to not fix issues 100% and they are only bandaid fixes. Minor improvements but NOT the complete solution.

I still see screen freezes and Tablo app kick outs out of Tablo back to FireTV main screen.

I get emails from Tablo wanting me to recruit new Tablo Users but I can’t do that since there are issues it seems on numerous platforms. I don’t want friends and family to hate me.

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I agree with you completely.