Tablo App keeps randomly exiting back to Roku home screen

See link below. All Roku devices automatically update their OS, even after rolling back.

I have a few legacy Roku’s and it seemed to me that they started asking if you wanted to upgrade the OS around Roku OS 10.0.

I thought same but then again I only rolled back long enough to test and wanted to stay on 10.5 anyway. I could be wrong about how auto updates work on our Rokus. That really doesn’t matter though because the goal here is to get Tablo software stable under 10.5 and beyond. The goal isn’t to find a way to downgrade to 10.0 and stay there.

BTW if any are interested - Roku sent me an ask for more details - what is the issue, what version of Roku OS I’m on, what version of Tablo software etc. I provided today and I sent them a link to this thread for if they wanted more information as well as a copy of my post on how to duplicate the issue in at least 3 ways that I’ve experienced. I told them it would be great to see them post here haha but I doubt they will.

I have multiple Roku’s including newer Ultra’s. I prefer them over my Fire Tv Sticks.

I’ve read the RukuOS 10.5 release notes. I don’t find anything compelling in the release. Call me after a number of 10.5 updates when things calm down. I did like the Roku user who posted on their forum that the release caused his Roku to not enter screen saver mode. He’s probably using his Roku to boil coffee.

Hi Tablo -

I am having the EXACT same problems as Neil_Figot. My Roku Streambar 9102R has the following software version: 10.5.0 - build 4174-95

I did find ONE exception to prevent the Tablo app from crashing when switching to different LIVE channels: Display the mini guide (depressing up/down on the Roku remote). But all the other instances that Neil_Figot described will crash Tablo.

Hi folks - Thanks for keeping us posted with details.

We’re trying to see if we can rig up a workaround for this issue. Stay tuned.

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Neither of my Ultra’s are on 10.5 yet.

I posted in the Roku forum, where people are begging for the update to 10.5 that the update does break channels, Tablo being one of them.

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I am having the same issue on my Roku Smart Soundbar, and have tried clearing the cache with the tricks mentioned in this thread, including uninstall/reinstall to no avail. Frustrating!

For me, the crash occurs every time I use the remote’s return key after viewing live tv or a recorded show. Using the return key on the remote while navigating within the app does NOT appear to cause a crash. My guess is that some resources or memory are not dereferenced correctly.

The forced 10.5 upgrade train is in motion (not stopping). As far as Roku is concerned, this is a Tablo problem.

Roku rarely admits to having bugs and I suspect they scrub their forum.

So the update will continue. What’s more important is if the build number is the same as it was 2-3 weeks ago.

And while my Ultra’s may automatically get 10.5, I’m still not convinced my legacy 4200 and 4210 will get 10.5 without asking. They ask if I wanted the upgrade from 9.X to 10.0.

FYI - an update to the Tablo Roku Channel is available:

While there are no specific changes in this release to improve the interaction between the Tablo app and Roku OS 10.5, we are hopeful that updating the app and thus giving it a fresh ‘envelope’ may reduce or eliminate the issues referenced above by those whose Roku devices are running the latest Roku operating system.

I just applied the Roku update which included this update to the Tablo app. According to your update description, this update didn’t specifically include a fix for Roku OS 10.5.0 – However, I thought I would simply report that there’s no change with this issue: Tablo app still crashes when attempting to view a 2nd video, whether it’s a recording or live TV channel. The exception to this when viewing Live TV is to use the “mini” live guide to switch between live TV channels.

Thanks for letting us know Eric.

That’s very unfortunate as everything was working correctly with the beta.

We’ll be discussing internally how we can get this fixed or at least worked around while we wait for guidance from Roku.


Those affected by issues with Roku OS 10.5 should use the instructions here to use the new TabloALT channel on a temporary basis:

I have 2 ROKU’s one is on 10.0 and I just purchased a new (second) ROKU and after install it was upgraded to 10.5 build 4187-50 (automatically). I have no (zero) issues running Tablo on 10.0 ROKU but problems with 10.5 ROKU.

I record and watch most of my programs. After watching a program I will delete it and move on to the next program. Each time I do this with 10.5, Tablo crashes and I end up on the ROKU home screen. I will go back into Tablo and watch the next recorded program and when finished delete. Once I start the next recorded program, Tablo crashes to the ROKU home screen. I have probably watched over 20 programs and has happened every time. Rinse and Repeat.

Works perfectly on ROKU 10.0 though.



Model: TQ1T4B-01-CN

@brborne We are aware of this. If you check out the post above there is more info and a workaround.

Super good! Thanks for the update on the work-around. I completely missed this when looking thru the forum. All’s good. Recent purchaser of Tablo and so far really impressed with customer service and the product. Thanks again. -bruce

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I wanted to take a minute to thank the Tablo folks for continuing to look into this. The workaround works for me and the updated standard channel version doesn’t.

Kudos for at least a viable work around while the rest of it gets sorted out.


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Try it on a Samsung 5205 or 525D 32" smart tv.
When changing channels on live tv in tablo environment w a Roku express 4k+ (just installed) often times the app sends u back to Roku’s home page.
This is using a wifi connection on the Tablo Lite dual channel unit.

Why does this happen, can it be fixed in settings?