NEW - Tablo Roku Channel Update (2.18.0)

Happy Monday Tablo Family -

An update to Tablo’s Roku channel is on the way.

If you’ve already got the Tablo channel installed, and your ROKU is set to automatic updates, you should see version 2.18.0 very soon.

Here’s what you can expect…

Tablo Roku Channel Update (v. 2.18.0)

  • Adds dedicated SETTINGS option in the menu
  • Adds new ‘Switch Tablos’ screen
  • Improvements to in-player Automatic Commercial Skip interface elements
  • Other small bug fixes and performance improvements

About This Update
Changes to the Automatic Commercial Skip interface elements should make it harder to accidentally disable skipping within the player itself. The yellow sections of identified commercials within the scrubber should also be more accurately reflected on screen.

Also, while there are no specific changes in this release to improve the interaction between the Tablo app and Roku OS 10.5, we are hopeful that updating the app and thus giving it a fresh ‘envelope’ may reduce or eliminate the issues recently experienced by those whose Roku devices are running the latest Roku operating system.

Those affected by issues with Roku OS 10.5 should use the instructions below to use the new TabloALT channel on a temporary basis.

If you have any questions or feedback about this update, don’t hesitate to drop us a line or comment below.

I don’t have the new release yet but from the supplied pictures it appears that the disconnect button and possibility the actual functionally disappeared.

We use disconnect not to move between tablos but to move to other OTT products. Thus when we return we expect the list of available tablos to be displayed. The picture implies that an additional click would be required to obtain the list. Since we would always want the list that is a 100% increase in clicks.

While you may have fixed this in the 2.1.18 Roku release you might want to look into the settings screen on a dual64. If you delete a long recording such as a 4 1//2 hour football game the used/available space never appears to get updated no matter how long you wait. Of course I expect that waiting 4 additional hours seems long anough. But if you exit the app and re-enter you get the correct totals.

You can still switch between Tablo devices using the ‘switch Tablos’ button as shown in the 3rd image. This will bring up the list of Tablo units on your network.

UPDATE - Nov 9, 2021

It appears that more recent builds of Roku OS 10.5 are again allowing the public Tablo Roku Channel to operate as intended.

If you added the TabloALT channel you can now safely delete it and move back to the regular public Tablo Roku Channel.

Thanks for your patience as we worked through this issue!

Also, an update on this…

It appears that despite functioning perfectly in beta, the updated public Tablo app still does not behave well with devices running Roku OS 10.5.

While we work to resolve this issue with Roku, if your Roku device is running OS 10.5 and you are experiencing issues with the public Tablo Roku Channel, there is now a temporary alternative: the Tablo ALT channel for Roku.


As a private, non-certified channel, Tablo ALT cannot be found or added to your Roku by searching on your Roku device itself.

It must be added via your Roku account on your PC or mobile device using the code: TabloALT.

Full instructions for adding private channels to your Roku device can be found here:

If your Roku device is not yet running Roku OS 10.5 and you are not experiencing any issues with the public Tablo Channel, adding this new private channel is NOT necessary.

Once this issue has been resolved with Roku for those whose devices are running Roku OS 10.5, we will let you know.

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Zippy is right. The “disconnect” feature is gone. I haven’t used it, so I don’t miss it. But the ability to disconnect from all Tablos is no longer available. And if you only have one Tablo, you can’t disconnect from it.

Update: It looks like I can “Switch Tablos” which does a disconnect, and then just leave the app, and the Tablo will be disconnected.

For what it’s worth… I don’t use the disconnect or exit feature for any of the Roku apps. I just press the Home button and bounce to whatever app I want to go to (Netflix, Hulu, Tablo, YouTube, etc.). I don’t know if there are any ramifications to this method of going from app to app, but so far I haven’t had any problems crop up.
I guess this bears the question… Is the disconnect feature really necessary?

The only reason ‘disconnect’ was offered was to be able to switch between Tablo devices. The functionality is still there, but defined more properly for its actual use.

Does tablo tv have NBA LIVE cause i want to buy it but first i want to know if they have it

Tablo is a DVR that records OTA signals. I assume NBA Live is a cable or subscription service? If so, no, Tablo won’t receive it.

A BIG “Thank You” Tablo for providing this alternate Tablo app for affected Roku devices. I am happy, but most importantly - my wife will be happy.

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Does “switch Tablos” suggest I can switch to a remotely connected Tablo in another city?

Not at this time.

I decided to try Tablo Alt on my Roku TVs that are still at Roku 10.0 (not 10.50). It is working perfectly. I did this because you never know when Roku will decide to update my TV to 10.50, and I don’t want to have to scramble around finding and installing Tablo Alt when that day comes. Especially if I’m not home, but my family is, and they would have no clue how to get Tablo Alt.

So I’m putting this out there to let others in the same boat as me know that it is safe to go ahead and download and start using Tablo Alt.


@MSR… Thanks for this info. I too have been contemplating trying Tablo Alt.
You’re right in the fact that you never know when Roku will update their OS, so I want to be prepared. I don’t want to be scrambling around doing updates when all the family wants to do is to watch TV.
I’ll give Tablo Alt a try today or tomorrow and let the community know my results.

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Hi folks - Has anyone else running Roku OS 10.5 tried switching back to the main Tablo app? Are you still experiencing problems or are things stable again?

We’ve heard some varying reports (likely due to differences in the Roku OS build) but it’d be good to get a sense of how things are going in the wild.

Is the Main Tablo App on Roku 10.5 working for you again?

  • YES - The main Tablo app is working just fine again
  • NOPE - I’m still having issues using the main app but TabloALT is working fine

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One of my Roku TVs updated to Roku 10.5 build 4198. I tested both the regular app and the Alt app, and both appear to be working properly.

I finally received the update. I usually watch on my FireTV, but gave it a ride on Roku, and it works great - no issues.

Thanks for following up folks!

Sounds like everyone can safely migrate back to the the production Tablo Channel on Roku and delete TabloALT.

I bought a new Roku Ultra and hooked it up today. It automatically updated to 10.5 on the Roku. We turned it on and started to watch our local news and started kicking us out to the guide. I tried to watch recording and it would kick it back to the recording menu.

I checked here and saw the issues and downloaded the Tablo Alt channel. No change, same issues on the Alt channel.

So I rolled the Roku firmware back to 10.0 and we’ve been watching live television and a recording for over an hour with no issues so far on the original Tablo app.

Tablo 2.2.38
Roku Ultra LT 10.0.0 - build 4209-46
No microSD card and it shows we’ve been running for 1 hour and 37 minutes without issue.