RESOLVED - Legacy Device Web Infrastructure Outage (February 2024)

Hi folks - Automatic Commercial Skip service was re-established yesterday. Thank you for your patience as we worked to get this last piece up and running.

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Please, please, please…bring that feature to 4th Gen.

I doubt they will ever add it to Gen 4. They no longer offered it to newer subscribers to the older Tablo’s a year or two ago. I think it will eventually be sunsetted.


I wouldn’t mind it… but it would incur a monthly or yearly cost. That I don’t wan that, but I wouldn’t mind paying for. It doesn’t hurt my feeling if it doesn’t come around to the GEN4s.

Tablos logic for the Fast Forward Screenshots does a GREAT JOB. The screenshot hits right when the show is back from the commercial. It’s always on point!

DirecTV Stream was a crap shoot when FF and trying to hit when the show is back.

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All I am still getting is a spinning Connecting image on Opera, Chrome, and Edge, WTH?? It is still not working.


Wasn’t it declared deprecated in 2013 and when did apple finally pull the plug - 2021. Did it continue to show up in WebKit. Isn’t 8 years a rather long time to keep allowing the use of a set of API’s considered insecure.

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You have to enable a security exception for “”. More details: Legacy gets a 404 error that mentions a missing bucket - #130 by djk44883

Oh, is that why they decided to replace that API with a new database option? I had forgotten. (I’m a web developer myself, but find the “local storage” API sufficient for my needs.) Yeah, that is a long time to leave an known-insecure feature in.

It occurs to me that Scripps sells ads. They probably aren’t interested in giving me a way to skip those ads :wink:

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Hi folks - Chrome 122 has indeed thrown a new monkey wrench into the web app and Chrome is no longer accepting the exemptions that were keeping things going.

There is a potential workaround that we’re exploring, but until we can confirm/test/deploy that, folks will need to use the Windows 10 app or an alternate browser.

More detail here:


Thank you for keeping us informed. The Tablo app is working fine here, as is the Firefox browser. Also, setting the Chrome flag (chrome://flags/#unsafely-treat-insecure-origin-as-secure) has worked on Windows and Linux, but it posts an ugly warning every time the browser is opened – even if it is not opening Tablo.

I was astonished to see the web app working again a few minutes ago.
I guess the potential workaround worked out, at least for now (fingers crossed).
Am using current MS Edge browser on Win10, legacy 4-tuner Tablo on home wi-fi.
(Thurs Feb 15, 2024 2pm PST).

It wasn’t the workaround we were expecting… We were finally able to get another exemption going.

We will still explore the other workaround but hopefully, this will keep us going in the meantime.

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OK. I’m using a new Amazon echo show 10 with the silk browser and nothing is working. I get the https warning even though I have typed in http and implemented unsafely treat insecure origins as secure fix. Works on the old version but not the new. Can anyone help? I really need this to work!

THANK YOU to the Tablo TV team!

It’s working for me now, first time I’ve tried since yesterday morning.

As an original Tablo owner since the very beginning of the beta products, going back over 10 years, now owning three Tablos connected to multiple antennas, seven Roku players, seven Amazon fire players, and three Apple TV players, I want to offer an opinion to this forum:

I offer this opinion as a retired professional electrical engineer with 60 years of experience in both hardware and software design for computer systems along with three broadcast engineering licenses from the FCC, and 5/all classes of amateur radio/ham licenses back to the 1950s.

The legacy infrastructure now being provided by Tablo is severely crippled.

Having posted over 500 messages to this forum over my 11 years of Tablo ownership, often complaining bitterly of very poor software quality both in the firmware as well as the player apps for the various supported set top boxes, I can now report that the current problem with Tablo use is by a wide margin the ABSOLUTE WORST which I have seen over the entire ownership period.

The current problem renders the entire use of my Tablo investment as being USELESS! The frequency of disconnections, regardless of which player and which of my Tablo boxes I choose is horrendous. Watching TV has become essentially impossible unless I switch to OTA reception by disabling all the Tablo equipment entirely.

This has been going on for several weeks, the worst outages I have ever seen in any of my 11 year ownership.

My connection to the Internet is rock solid, using Verizon FiOS, with no interruptions whatsoever to all of my other streaming sources.

The corporate technical decision by Tablo which was made years ago to rely on connectivity from individual clients to a backend over the Internet was entirely unnecessary technically, and my prior cable cutting system, used for many years here, and developed and sold by SageTV in Chicago, was entirely based on local resources on my premises. Putting a backend system in a remote location and tying each client to a dependency on infrastructure could be used for billing and privacy/surveillance of viewing habits, but offers no technical benefit either in recording or playing back OTA signals. Neither commercial skipping nor program guide/EPG features demand such a fragile topology!

Please fix this. PLEASE!

Thank you,