RESOLVED - Legacy Device Web Infrastructure Outage (February 2024)

Same here on Feb 9th at 5:43 am. Works on Firefox, but not on Chrome or Edge.

Origional Tablo Quad, suddenly this week commercial skp does not seem to be working.
I paid for the lifetime subscription and was recently charged an annual fee ? what’s up ?

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Experiencing the same issues. Don’t understand why the Commercial Skip is not working.

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The post above yours shows the reason… :laughing:

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Well one good thing is we won’t miss any of the Super Bowl Commercials! :wink:

But seriously, a company that is customer driven you would think they’d have an offsite backup system so if a problem occurred, they could reload everything back to the way it was in less than a day. Tablo must not be ISO certified!


Depends on exactly what happened. I’ve been involved in a situation where the off-site DR system hosted in another geographic location was also affected because of the nature of the issue and it would actually take longer to fully switch to the DR site as compared to getting the “Production” site up and running again.

Still down for Chrome and Edge – seems to be working ok on Firefox. Hopefully a solid solution will be found soon, but probably not in time for the game.

Tablo HDMI commercial skip still down. Any estimate on when it will be back?

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I suggest that if you have been attempting to access the web application using a saved link that you delete that and use the one provided by the TabloTV response of Feb. 5. My old saved link did not work, but the new one does.

Unless some fairly radical changes to the web app are made, OG Tablos will not work on Chrome based browsers (that are up to date) without doing the flag changes mentioned already. That is, you have to make some configuration changes on your Chrome that will allow the web app to work, talking again, OG Tablo devices.

So, mentioning, again… if you have OG and want Chrome or Chrome based browsers to work, see (likely in addition? to all the prior things you had to do on Chrome… look it all up…):

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Since I don’t use chrome I guess I won’t be affected. Of course they could get the commercial skip feature working.

Remember, there was a time when Chrome was the only browser where things would work (completely). So, there’s some historical reasons why someone would associate Tablo + Chrome. For historians this had to do with Web SQL as site DB type. While the use of Web SQL is deprecated, Chrome was one of the few browsers to implement and keep this ancient piece of history. Essentially allows a web site to create a full SQL database (using sqllite) on your host and use it. In this case, a lot of Tablo metadata was stored inside this Web SQL DB. You could point your tools at it and query it, etc. (standalone). At one time, I had a provision in my tools to leverage it (optionally) for some enhanced information.

As for commercial skip… I’d want some money back during this long outage.


Me too!

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WEB SQL was used by both firefox and chrome (all)browsers. It was the W3C standard. When it was deprecated by W3C it was suppose to be removed from all browsers that conformed to standard.

Of course it took chrome 7-8 years to actually remove WEB SQL. Typical chrome behavior.

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I would say it was “a W3C option”. Was it ever implemented on Firefox? I thought they rejected and went Index DB from the get go.

W3C approved the WEB SQL API standard way back in 2009-2010 and almost immediately depricated it as insecure. And it took until 2021-2022 for IOS and chrome to be forced to move to indexDB.

Rather than trying to send out thousands of refunds for the outage period, I would suggest that the @TabloCEO should instead extend everyone’s subscriptions by double the length of the outage. This would go a long way toward improving the customers satisfaction and right now, Tablo certainly needs some good will.

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Would you please help me understand why deprecation would mean support for it should be removed as soon as possible? That’s not the way for web browsers. There’s still HTML features in web browsers that have been deprecated for over 20 years, but they’re still supported for backwards compatibility. Why should browser makers not allow a lengthy transition period for web developers to replace WebSQL with a database API alternative?

In all fairness, Google Chrome kept the feature because of compatibility. Chrome is a very interesting (confusing) blend of “giving compatibility” and “taking away compatibility” all at the same time.

Difficult to predict. Usually they “take away” though.

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