Remote pair FAIL will cost Tablo lifetime subscription

I’ve been pretty happy with my 4ch Tablo until now. My wife finally managed to swing by our/my NYC apt and paired her iPhone with Tablo. Thinking everything would be fine we get back to So CA but her IOS app apparently forgot our Tablo. Did updating Tablo wipe out the pairing?

I dunno. But I do know that it will probably be Fall before she and her phone will be able to locally pair with my Tablo again. Very frustrating and anybody who’s been around TV for a while knows how important it is to keep the wife happy.

Needless to say, she’s not too happy with my Tablo endeavor and the powers at Tablo should know I won’t be buying the lifetime subscription I’d planned to buy. In fact, this lack of remote pairing could very well screw me up if/when I go to do some work in CA in a month or two?

Save your breath about the VPN stuff. I’m not computer literate enough to even dream of something like that.

Starting to wonder if I made a mistake with Tablo???

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Sorry to hear that.

Question for you, before she left did you even check and see if Tablo Connect was working properly?

It has been noted that rebooting your Tablo can require the re-pairing of devices. So if you updated your firmware then this is likely why. Rebooting your router will definitely do it because the external IP from your ISP changes.

More info about Tablo Connect;

When I updated the firmware to .29 I did not lose the pairing but for some reason when I updated to .30 I did lose the pairing. After pairing the phone, you should always turn off the wifi on the phone and use the cell internet and see if Tablo will work. I hope the @TabloTV will move the username / password option towards the top of the list of requested features. An option, if your wife is willing to be without her phone is to send it by UPS or Fedex to you, then you can pair it, and send it back to her. Until there is username/password, it would be nice if @TabloSupport could provide you with prepaid postage for either Fedex or UPS. Shipping charges will add up fast.

Thanks for the kind replies.

We checked her iPhone after pairing to ensure it worked off the LAN. However, I didn’t realize recent update would wipeout pairing. If I had known, she was there a day or two after the update and we could’ve at least re-paired. SOB…

I find it totally ridiculous that there isn’t a code similar to cable TV apps to authorize/pair devices to Tablo for off site use/viewing.

We were ready to toss $150 into the Tablo bank account but Mrs is now asking me “why”? She’s unable to use it, I’m embarrassed after telling how cool this would be, etc. Instead of being a happy customer, I’m very angry about what’s basically a crippled device.

At this point I intend to let the subscription lapse and just see how it works without. Save our money for a device which all of us, in our admittedly spread out household, can actually use.

‘guess that $300 Roamio deal would’ve been the smarter choice? Bad Tablo, bad…

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Exactly. This could all be easily fixed by adding a login feature to the apps and pair via subscription.

I have suggested the same thing here:


Just so you’re aware the TiVo Roamio OTA DVR for $300 does not let you stream remotely. You need another device from TiVo called TiVo Stream which is another $200 to do that.

Yup, $200 additional but I bet it can pair devices off LAN. Plus use a normal remote control for HDMI viewing instead of an IOS device and AppleTV (in our case) for HDMI viewing and PVR/menu functions.

Let’s say $500 for Roamio that could stream (probably doesn’t eat a tuner either) can pair remotely, regular remote, proven GUI, etc.

Compared to $450 for 4ch Tablo w/lifetime subscription and all these ridiculous problems which apparently come with it.

Honeymoon’s over…

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Well, I have to say, not everyone has the problem where they have a place in NY and in CA. Most I imagine are using a tablo in their primary (only) residence and just trying to access it while they are away.

The Tivo IMO has an antiquated interface and you are locked into their ecosystem. The interface is straight forward and “wife proof” though. I personally don’t like it though.

The Stream is $130 list price - but yes, you need the additional box to stream out of network.

I will say that for me, I haven’t had to re-pair my Android phone after firmware updates.

The TiVo Stream only lets you stream remotely to Apple devices and Android devices.

I currently use my Tablo remotely with iPhone, iPad, Nexus 5 and the Fire TV. Definitely more robust feature with the Fire TV.

But to teach their own, if you ever replace that Tablo with a TiVo please let me know as I’m in the market for a 2nd used Tablo.

I’ve had both experiences - not having to re-pair after a firmware upgrade and having to re-pair after a firmware upgrade - with an Android Nexus 5 phone. I now tend to test my laptops, phone & tablet after a firmware upgrade to make sure that I’m good to go when I hit the road.

You don’t really need to “test” it. Just connect to the Tablo once locally before leaving the house on said device and it is paired.

Plus I use my iPhone and iPad to manage Tablo recordings, etc. so it is generally just always paired.

It’s not only a “place in NY & CA” but work requires we travel a great deal and Tablo’s well advertised feature is the ability to stream remotely. Unfortunately, there’s nothing on our calendar which brings her back through NYC until Sep-Oct. Boohoo, big deal, I know…

It’s just frustrating that we can’t pair a couple of IOS devices (put limit on the number???) and use it as advertised.

Yes, when remote streaming works, it works great. But the lack of remote pairing isn’t very well explained in all the “sales marketing literature, IMO. That’s the feedback I wish to provide Tablo Inc. as well as my decision to hold off paying another $150 until they either get this glaring problem (for those affected) resolved or I move on to something more compatible to my/our TV ecosystem.

I like the forum here and it’s respectfully helpful nature. Will try to share any steps along the way for those that might find it helpful in their pursuit of TV/OTA nirvana…

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Last thing to note is Tablo Connect aka remote viewing requires a valid subscription.

So even if you manage with manual recordings you will not able to watch anything remotely on any device if you continue without a subscription.

Well, gotta week or two to decide what to do regarding subscription. Probably just month-month until they solve this problem and/or I find something else. At least I recall reading about Tablo Connect and subscription before purchase.

I thought I was informed about remote pairing before purchase but “got me” on the required local re-pairing following Tablo update. SOB…

Sorry to hear this happened. We really do recognize the need for a ‘fallback’ position for Tablo Connect for cases such as yours. It is on our to-do list but I’ve also shared your comments with ‘the powers that be’.


Thanks TabloTV - If this were “fixed” within next couple weeks I would be all over a life subscription and most likely another 4ch Tablo.

In the meantime, I’m spending free time @ TiVo forums wrapping my head around what I’ll need to buy from them…

I just noticed this problem as well. After the last firmware update, my iPhone can’t connect any longer if I’m away from my home network. Honestly this pairing thing is crap. Why can’t you use a system similar to Plex with a username and password?

Speaking of Plex, I can login to my Tablo using Plex remotely so all isn’t lost.

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Yes Tablo has indicated they would like a username / password feature for remote viewing. No idea when it will be implemented.