Remote pair FAIL will cost Tablo lifetime subscription

I have had this issue too. But sometimes I was able to fix it. After an update go to the settings page - tablo remote and see if there are some errors with some ports. If there are then just unclick “Tablo Remote” and then click it back again. This will fix it.

@girimurthy I don’t get it? Is this the page you’re referring?

Remote Access -

Yes that is the one. When I remove and add it again it usually works.


What you’re describing is if Tablo Connect stops working all together, not the “re-pairing” issue.

I have never had to turn off Tablo Connect and turn it back on. However, my iPhone gets un-paired to the Tablo say if my WAN IP from my ISP changes. This requires me to connect to the Tablo locally before I connect remotely again.

Mine squaks if my Wifi router is rebooted, tells me that manual setup is required. Turning it off and back on again fixes it every time.

4 Tuner Tablo
Apple Airport Extreme
Comcast Cable Modem


That is likely cause you’re using UPnP and when you reboot the router and new IP gets assigned to the Tablo and all the ports must be re-forwarded.

I have my router assign the same IP to the Tablo (DHCP reservation) and I manually forward the ports. So even after reboots the Tablo Connect still works.

I was having the same thing happen as @MotobikeMan. Had to manually turn remote off and back on every time router was rebooted. And it was doing the config through upnp. I manually forwarded the ports like @theuser86 did and it’s been working properly since then. Probably needs the tablo programming modified to retry the upnp config periodically if it doesn’t work the first time. Right now it seems to give up right away

I’ll do that. Wish I could set a static IP on the tablo rather than a reservation on the router…


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Almost all routers these days have DHCP reservation function. Just old or low end ones lack it. It’s pretty useful.

Yes, I know where it is, i just normally handle it with a static IPs in the range but outside the DHCP scope.


You never said if you are using UPnP to set up Tablo Connect on your router?

Sorry, so far I have just let tablo handle it and not done any port forwarding. When I get home tonight I will set a DHCP reservation and all the port forwarding. If tablo had let me set a static IP I would have done it all manually in the first place as most of my appliances have static IPs already.


Anybody else having issues as of 8pm EST (5pm PST) with Tablo connect?

Has there been another update?

Has my 5/27/15 guide expiration kicked in a tad early?

As we sat down to watch remotely, “no connect”. Bummer, Tablo broken on devices that were working fine just yesterday.

IOS says connection error. Chrome on laptop just keeps connecting in 3, 2, 1,… rinse, repeat.

Nag, nag, nag…

  1. When was your 30 day trial for the subscription going to expire? I doubt it expired early. You can check date of expiry anywhere (you do not have to be at home):

  2. When was the last time you connected said device to the Tablo locally (aka ‘paired’ it to the Tablo)?

1 - Expires 5/27/2015, next week.

2- Last LAN connection 5/08/2015, 11 days.

More to add -

I logged in and it brought me to the “Choose A Subscription” page so it’s probably something to do with that nonsense. This equipment is/was placed into service on 4/27/2015. I should have 30-days which would be 5/27/2015 or thereabouts. Not 5/19/2015.

I was gonna do the month to month due to the circumstances of this thread. I probably wil but I would like an explanation why Tablo connect has crashed tonight, please?

  1. If you do not have a valid subscription any more, that is why Tablo Connect will not work.

  2. In the past 11 days, it is possible that your WAN IP has changed. This would require re-pairing locally. Why did the WAN IP change? ISP randomly re-assign once in a while, your router could have rebooted, etc.

I like Tablo remote viewing as it works well and is a great feature. That being said, the whole pairing process needs to be scrapped and allow the remote device to autheticate via login.



That is the whole point of this thread. I hope it is done soon so the Roku can be used remotely too.


WAN IP has not changed.

Yep, no subscription, no remote streaming. Too bad I didn’t actually get FREE 30 days of guide service…