Remote Viewing via app in second location (2nd Tablo box)

VPN is not an option. The 2nd location isn’t my house. Think Aereo if you know what that is.

If Tablo is going to compete with Tivo, ChannelMaster and others, they will need options like these. Makes sense, they will sell more boxes.

None of those boxes can do such a thing.

I am aware of that. Tablo needs to be user friendly and easier to understand. The more features they add, the more they will be able to compete with the leaders of the DVR market.

Actually better than Aereo. I could NOT watch Austin TV when in San Antonio and I can with Tablo.

For sure. With the login feature, we can basically setup your own “Aereo” type setup if you are from another area of the the US and wanted to see your local channels without restrictions. Any word about the Tablo Metro? If the built-in antennas work well, that may be a serious winner.

This is a commonly requested feature. Tablo says they are working on it. But no way is it a priority. Tablo was designed to be used locally and then remotely once in a while by those local users hence the pairing.

Tablo Connect (aka remote viewing) works very well for me. I use the Tablo remotely on a Fire TV, iPad Air, and iPhone 6. I actually also use it remotely with a Roku 3 via VPN, works great.

You still haven’t even indicated if the upload speed will suffice to stream the Tablo? For the 720p Roku / Chromecast quality setting I found you need a 10 MBps upload speed where the Tablo is being hosted.

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This is the one thing that could do that Tablo could not. It was a pretty great feature. It also meant you didn’t have to pair your devices with a before you went remote, and you could log into any computer in the world and access your device. Defiantly something I would like to see Tablo implement.

I tried at the gym today on in iPad Mini 2, and it worked well. Cant wait for the automatic bandwidth setting. I have my Slingbox in a location that has 50mb upload and the most I have seen it go up to is around 7mb on my FireTV. I need to check on the upload speed at the remote location. My upload speed here is about 3.5mb and the picture on my iPad Mini looked good from the gym.

I really was thinking the Connect was their “cloud integration”. So that you can have multiple Tablo’s under 1 account no matter location. Very much like Plex only integrated. I’m on the fence to ever purchase this or Silicondust Kickstarter.


They have a return policy - if you already have an OTA antenna setup, purchase and test it. You may be pleasantly surprised. If not, you get a full refund.

Most of us have some external HDD lying around for testing purposes. Or even an extra internal HDD (you can buy a USB enclosure for $10).

Let us know what you decide.


With the iPad, what remote quality setting did you have it set to? 3 Mbps?

I might try that.

Yes. I tried 2 and 3. Both looked good.

You should note that streaming a recording remotely at a setting other than “Full Quality” uses a tuner to transcode the video to a lower quality for said streaming. So if you have only a dual tuner and 2 tuners recording shows then you will not be able to stream remotely.

That’s good to know. Def can’t do that from my house if it needs that 10mb connection.

This may be a dumb question but I was wondering if the Following were an option. I split my time between Wichita Kansas and Sacramento, California. I have tablo in Kansas but would ALSO like one in Sacramento. Is that possible on one account or would I need another lifetime account?


Your Tablo account is good for up to 10 Tablo devices.

Don’t go selling discounted subscriptions now lol

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So different states don’t matter?

Nope, so you could have a friend / family member in a different state or city with a Tablo and have your own 10 Tablo network, so you can see other channels that aren’t available in your city. Somehow they would all need to be paired using the existing methodology but once there is a login option, it will be better.