Tablo Connect functional?

Just wanting to verify Tablo Connect works with the FireTV. I currently have a Roku stick and after messing with it for several weeks finally read Ch 7 that clearly states Tablo Connect doesn’t work with Roku devices. Hoping to confirm the functionality prior to purchasing the FireTV.

If so, does it still need to be on the same network for the initial setup? I would assume so, unless the method for registration has changed.


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Everything you’ve stated is correct. Currently Roku does not support Tablo connect, but the fire tv does. It does need to be paired on the same network the first time like you stated, but after that you should be good to go.

Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply!

The only caveat is when you upgrade the Tablo firmware, you might have to repair. Sometimes i do and sometimes I don’t. I don’t know what decides if a repair is required. Maybe @TabloTV has an idea of what causes the repair sometimes.

Tablo Connect works well on the Fire TV. As explained above, you do have to pair initially and then re-pair from time to time.

Last caveat, if your WAN IP (aka External IP - that is the IP assigned to your modem by your ISP) changes, you will have to re-pair the Fire TV with your Tablo at home. Most ISPs assign a dynamic IP these days, thus if you reboot your modem, your WAN IP changes.

If you plan to use it outside your LAN don’t get too used to it. The ridiculous requirement to “locally pair” can leave you with a useless feature.

Here’s my trouble - Remote pair FAIL will cost Tablo lifetime subscription

I use Tablo Connect daily. Remote streaming always works well. I’m also usually home daily so I never run into the iPhone 6 becoming unpaired.


Streaming is fine, if not GREAT. Way better than my previous EyeTV experience.

Trouble is, that’s why local pairing is so dang frustrating. Merely blow on Tablo or look the wrong way and you find yourself unpaired, far from home with no reasonable method to re-pair without paying a visit to your LAN.