Possible to get an ETA on next Roku update/release?

Is it possible to get an ETA on the next Roku’s update? I still have a couple of days to return it and seeing how it’s running so much better on my apple tv w/ airplay, I’m thinking about saving that money for the next gen apple tv.

Thanks in advance

I have a Roku now, I’m just going to get the next gen Apple TV. IMO, it will be a better platform. Roku restarts on its own alot and is buggy all around, not just in the Tablo app but in other apps.

I don’t see why Tablo would give an ETA anymore, at least if I were in their shoes I wouldn’t.

It’s an ESTIMATE (can I make the font size 1,000,0000000,00003,02?). And when that estimate isn’t met, all the cry babies on this forum go complaining “you guys promised this 1.7 days ago, why are you late? I can’t live like this! I’m going to sell my Tablo! That’s it!”

P.S. When is surround sound coming out? :wink:

I’m not asking for a specific day / hour, I’d just like to have an idea if we’re getting close or if it’s not happening before a few months…

Since the last firmware update I’ve barely used it because of that loading, please wait issue.

@jayeffgee - What you’re experiencing is not related to the Roku client, it is related to the bit rate of the video you’re watching via Roku. If your recording quality is set at 1080 your network/Roku may not be able to handle it.

I don’t have an ETA on the next Roku update but it is in QA at the moment.


@TabloTV, you know you will get a LOT of love from me when the Roku client app has feature parity with the FireTV one, right? lol


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I have my Apple tv right next to my Roku, I can play the same 1080P recorded show on my Apple tv via airplay with 0 issue whatsoever (tested it for several hours so far, never skipped once).

That’s how I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with my network, and the Roku is the issue here.

But thanks a lot for answering me, it’s highly appreciated

@tablotester - We’re working on adding all of the screens possible into Roku. We may not be able to add the settings screen though as Roku is more finicky than FTV.

@jayeffgee - AppleTV can handle a MUCH higher bit rate content than Roku (25 mbsp vs. 3.5 mbps) which is why you’re likely seeing a difference. Now that 1080 can also = 720 @ 60 fps, that can really cause the Roku to say, “Oh god, you’re sending me too much - stop!”.

I would be so crushed :frowning:

This is exactly what I am looking/waiting for as I believe Roku’s are the most versatile (IMHO) … (and because I bought 4 of them, ouch)

@tablotester - Settings is something you shouldn’t have to poke at often, if at all. Once we have all of the TV sort screens in you’ll be able to do pretty much everything you need on a daily basis via Roku.

I realize that; but it is nice to have “one stop shopping” … I hate having to go to another device just to even check a setting (in particular disk space remaining, for example).

Wow I wish I had knew that before, I’m definetly returning this Roku asap.

So basically, if I understand this right, anyone using a Roku will never be able to watch a 1080P recording because of it’s limitation in bit rate?

Thanks again for the reply :slight_smile:

Does this mean the Roku is not be able to render the full 1080 @ 60 fps? I gave up on my AppleTV and bought four (4) Rokus.

Newer, more powerful Rokus (like Roku 3) can handle 1080 @ 60 fps video, especially when hardwired despite Roku’s overall recommendation of only sending 3.5 mbsp. This is why some folks say, “Hey works great… no problem!”

If you’ve got a so-so router or network, or an older/less powerful Roku, or you’re running everything via WiFi, that’s where things get dicey.

Everyone’s network is different and there is a lot of fragmentation in terms of firmware & hardware on Roku so it’s difficult to define what the ‘magic’ formula will be.

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Good to hear. I will be using a wired network for all my Roku 3s with an Airport Extreme 6th gen. My Tablo arrives to night and I will play with it all weekend, when I am not watching some football.

Based on this article https://www.tablotv.com/blog/choosing-right-tablo-recording-quality/
a 1080P / 60 FPS recording will pull 10 mbps. If the Roku is limited to 3.5 mbps, how is it supposed to work? what am I missing here?

@jayeffgee - ‘Limited’ is not the correct way to look at it. Roku recommends that channels only send around 3.5 mbps because this works on pretty much all Rokus under all circumstances.

IF you have a good quality network (wired or high speed WiFi), a good quality router and a good quality Roku (like a Roku 3) it should be able to handle everything we can throw at it. If not, it’s like trying to shove an orange through a straw.

Well, my tablo is wired, external antenna is coming straight into it, I previously had a cheap D-Link wireless router that I replaced this week with a Netgear R7000, which is a very good router.

Both my Roku and Apple TV are wireless, tried both 2.4 and 5ghz on them.

My AppleTV can take anything (multiple FFW and RW of the same show), I can’t get it to skip once.

Roku is giving me the loading please wait every 5 mins or so, seems like it’s starting to do it even for live TV.

Can you please try the 720p Roku / Chromecast recording quality? Power cycle the Tablo after the change to have it take affect (hold the blue button on the back of the Tablo for 1 second)

Let us know how it goes.