NOW AVAILABLE - 4th Generation Tablo App for LG smart TVs

Hi folks!

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting a 4th generation Tablo app for your LG smart TV, we have some good news to share!

An app is now available for download on LG TVs with model years 2019-2024 running webOS 4.5+. You can learn more about it here:

How to Download the Tablo App for LG Smart TVs

Not sure how to get the app on your LG TV? Head to the knowledge base for instructions.

What If My TV Is Older?

LG smart TV models with manufacturing dates before 2019 do not have the correct software or processing power to support the Tablo app at this time.

However, customers with incompatible LG smart TVs can still access the Tablo app by purchasing and connecting a compatible streaming device to those models of LG televisions.

Things You Should Know About the LG App

The overall design will be familiar to anyone using other 4th-generation Tablo apps.

The one exception is that closed captioning is not yet supported due to an incompatibility issue with the LG player software. We hope it will be resolved so we can deliver closed captioning data during playback.

We are also working to address several known issues which will be fixed in an update coming in late-June, including:

  • The back button does not function on top-level non-player screens (i.e. Library, Live, Shows, Movies, Sports, Settings) however magic remote users can simply use their cursor to click out of those screens
  • Within the player, the play/pause button requires two presses to activate
  • Within the player, player controls don’t dismiss automatically (pressing BACK will dismiss them)
  • The account section in SETTINGS is not yet available so it is not possible to switch between Tablo devices if you have more than one (a workaround is to go to the LG app settings, delete the app, reinstall it, and then select your alternate Tablo device)
  • Firmware updates can be processed through the LG app however you will need to close and re-open the app once the update is complete

If you experience any other issues with the app, please share additional details below including your LG TV’s model number and the steps you took when you encountered the problem.

Here to Ask About Apple TV?

The 4th generation Tablo app for Apple TV is in beta now and nearing completion. We expect it will be available soon.


Tablo tv now on LG.

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Question is, how did it get a five star rating already!


Thank for sharing this. One more app for the LG and I can stop using an STB on it.

It’s pretty clunky but it’s definitely a start – can’t wait to see what it turns into, though.

Not liking how they’ve replaced thumbnails with a full background image… Maybe I just need to get used to it, but it feels slow.

Best thing I’ve noticed so far is that show information is available when you go to watch something! Glad they put that Android overlay on there – sorry Tablo, I can’t remember what you decided to call that! Lol

Edit: Gah! There’s no closed captions! Not cool… And I can’t get out of the recording… Lolol.

I wish Tablo would let you flip channel to channel.


So far so good. However, there doesn’t seem to be an obvious way to “quit” the Tablo app once it is launched from webOS?

We have an LG TV Running OS4.5+ We can connect and watch and record TV but can’t fast-forward or rewind so what is the use of having this? Do others have this problem? Is that going to be fixed in late June update?

Press the three dots (under the 9) and Quit App.

It should work, but it may be related to a focus issue.

If you try to press left/right to seek within playback the focus may be on the on-screen play/pause button. Can you try pressing ‘up’ to move the focus to the seek bar from the button below it and give that a whirl?

Thanks for the suggestion, but the “quit app” option (the three dot button under the 9 button on the magic remote) does not quit the Tablo application.

Sorry. It does for me on my C2.

@JDL Hi there! Are you looking specifically for a way to close the application, or simply to background it so you can use other applications on your TV?

On the current app, the only way to quit and close the app from the app itself is to press the ‘back’ button on your remote while on the ‘Home’ tab at the top of the screen (which will then present you the option to exit).

To background it, you can simply press the Home button on your remote. This is completely fine to do, and the app should have no issue opening back up later when you next need it.

On our upcoming release, we have improved the back button functionality to work anywhere in the app to eventually take you to that Home tab, where you can then click again to exit from.

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Backing out would be great, if I could do even that! When I’m using the webOS app, I can’t get out of a recording, so the only choice I have is to hit Home and then restart my TV. If I don’t, the TabloTV app will continue from where I left off.

Maybe this only happens if you go to the end f the program, but this has happened multiple times.

Unfortunately I have a LG 24LM530S TV built in August 2020 that does not have the Tablo App available.

I have checked and it is running the latest software.

It is a cheep bedroom TV but was hoping it would receive the app so I could get rid of the Firestick I have to use.

@Tinslep Unfortunately, while that TV is a 2020 model, it runs webOS 3.5, which is below the 4.5 minimum requirement for the Tablo app.

Ugh, most people don’t replace their TV every year. In fact, probably has one of the biggest life times purchase wise in the tech arena. Just something to note.

I’m not saying support the WebOS on my OLED TV (it’s 2.0 if that matters), my personal preference is Roku, which of course, in my case, has an even longer life span than the TV.

But, if you’re into “I must use the ‘smart’ in my Smart TV”, I think it doesn’t makes a lot of sense to target “latest version” and in the future, you’ll (Tablo) find yourself back in the exact same spot, etc, etc.

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Thanks! Just hate the extra clutter of an external box for such a small TV.

I bought a 32" Insigna Fire TV for my outdoor deck last year. Tablo App works great on that.