NEW - Tablo LG App (4th Gen) Update (v. 1.0.7)

Hi folks -

As promised the first update for the new 4th generation Tablo app for LG webOS smart TVs is available.

The app should update automatically in the coming days if you have enabled auto-updates on your television.

If you have not, you will see a prompt to update or you can select the Tablo app and then select the UPDATE button to get the latest version.

Here’s what you can expect:

Tablo App for LG webOS Smart TVs (4th Gen) Update – (v. 1.0.7)

  • Fix for back button not working on top level non-player screens
  • Fix for issue where play/pause button required two presses to activate
  • Fixes for several focus issues
  • Adds account section to settings screen and enables switching between multiple Tablo devices
  • Adds colored network icons to Live TV Grid
  • Additional bug fixes and performance improvements

Known Issues

There are still several issues that the team is working to resolve as soon as possible including:

  • Navigation focus can be lost or move in unexpected ways.
  • One major example of this is that focus is not on seek bar when FAST FORWARD/REWIND or LEFT/RIGHT directions are pressed, and instead is on pause/play. To work around this, press up to focus on the seek bar before selecting FFWD/REW.
  • Programs set to record will not show recording badges on the Home or Guide screens despite being scheduled.
  • If the app loses connection to the Tablo, there is no error notification.
  • The Recent Recordings row is missing from the Home screen but this view is still available in Library.
  • Watching a channel that was just added to your lineup may display an error (“Something unexpected happened”).
  • Selecting an in-progress recording to watch from Library starts you at the live position instead of the beginning, but you can rewind back to the beginning. This is unrelated to the issue that prevents the viewing of in-progress recordings from the beginning on mobile devices and we anticipate it will be resolvable.
  • When navigating the live TV grid, TV guide data may erroneously display ‘programming not available’ for programs airing later than approximately 48 hours from now. The amount of data not correctly displayed depends on the performance of your television. We are investigating workarounds and app performance improvements to enable the display of additional days of data within the live TV grid.
  • Fast-forward previews are not available on completed recordings. We anticipate this will be resolvable.
  • Closed captions can take several seconds to begin displaying when playback begins, and do not remain ON if selected between player sessions. Closed captions are also still only available on streaming TV content.
  • Within the player, player controls don’t dismiss automatically (pressing BACK will dismiss them).
  • The favorites filter for the Live TV grid is not yet functional, and favorites cannot yet be added from this app.
  • Firmware updates can be processed through the LG app, however you may not see the update begin on screen. If this occurs, you simply need to close and re-open the app once the update is complete.

We hope you enjoy this update!

As always, if you have any questions or encounter any problems, feel free to post them below or touch base directly with support.

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Woke up to the new update this morning. Huge improvements on my LG C2. Good job Tablo Team.

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I just installed Tablo and I’m using it from an LG Smart TV. When I start a recording that’s fully recorded, it starts at the beginning. However, if I try to play a video that’s still being recorded, it takes me to the live point.

Rewinding to the start is a laborious process as there does not seem to be a way to move back or forward through the recording.

On my iPhone, there is an option to “Play from Beginning.” Why isn’t this available from the TV application?

I’m within the 30-day return window so this had better not be “as designed.”
I have asked it to update the app and the firmware–twice.

@BetaV As per the known issues above, this is something that we’ll be working on.

Okay… but how do I “rewind” to the beginning? While I can press the remote to back up N seconds at a time, it can take quite some time to rewind.

As I said, in the iOS app, there is a “start from the beginning” button. There should be one in the TV app as well.

In other similar apps, when I select a video to watch, it asks if I want to delete it, start from the beginning, or just watch it live.

Another idea just occurred to me. What if the iOS app was used as a remote control to the Tablo connected to the TV?

Please ensure that your LG smart TV is updated to version 1.0.7 before updating your firmware as this will cause connectivity issues between your Tablo and the LG app:

For context I’ve been using the Tablo 4th gen since the beginning of the year and just finally got the LG app. Previously I’ve had a TiVo for 20+ years.

First off, the whole seeking in a recording, live or not, is painfully slow and only one speed. It also frustrates me that the video I’m trying to skip through is dimmed while I’m doing it. Don’t do that. One of the better seek interfaces was from an older HBO app. While seeking the video would shrink in size so you could see it while keeping good performance. The faster you went, the smaller it got. Even a small version, at normal brightness, in a balloon over the current position would be a huge improvement.

The current version (1.0.7) doesn’t remember where you left off in a video. That makes it REALLY frustrating to continue watching a 2+ hour program you were 30 minutes into. The position should be remembered even if the TV is just turned off. Give me an option to play from the beginning if there’s a saved position.

Selecting a video from Library > Latest should just play that video. Don’t put me in a screen to select from every episode of the series. I can always go to more info on the recording to get to other episodes or select the show from other entries in the Library. It shouldn’t take three or more button presses to play the latest episode after already selecting it from Latest.

Why does the interface feel like a maze? The interface can’t decide where it wants put the next important item. Interfaces like TiVo’s or Sony’s XMB (PlayStation) have everything going in predictable directions.

LG User here, also. I was frustrated that Tablo didn’t remember where I left off in the video until I realized I was backing out rather than hitting pause. If I hit pause it always remembers where I left off. Hope this helps other users.

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Fast Forward does not always work on the new LG app. Had to go back to my Roku to watch.

Did you try this?