Not Announced - New Web App [again]

Tablo has always been been open announcing new versions of app and firmware… As far as we know that is, well for optional updates. :neutral_face:

They have always been NEW - Tablo Web App Update (v 1.X.X)

NEW - Tablo Web App Update (v. 1.4.1)
NEW - Tablo Web App Update (1.5.0)
NEW - Tablo Web App Update (v. 1.8.7)
NEW - Tablo Web App Update (v. 1.8.9)

but now it seems I have none of those versions - :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

HTML Application: 1.9.0 build 979 [202005191513]

[edit] another newly unannounced updated revision

1.9.3 build 982 [202005261355]

if the previous one was simple bug fixes not worth mentioning, what more is there?

@TabloTV why didn’t you announce this new version? :speak_no_evil: Or answering that would inadvertently acknowledge the new version? :see_no_evil: @TabloSupport are there more to it than “Bug fixes & performance improvements” or “Other small bug fixes” that you could elaborate? :hear_no_evil:

:slight_smile: So what’s up with the new Web App? Are we all testing it before final release and it gets a formal announcement? :poop:

Nope which is why we didn’t make any big announcement. It’s literally just tiny bug fixes that the average person would never see.

What about a small one, just to be consistence? …to avoid unexpected surprises which lead to conspiracy-theory issues :smiley:

Unless a new WEB app release introduces a new bug who cares about an announcement for bug fixes. This app is loaded from the cloud so you automatically get it. Other apps require an app download and install. So, if you use that type of app and want it, you need to monitor whether or not it gets installed.

If there is a new bug open a ticket.

During a pandemic there must be more interesting conspiracies for people to be concerned about.

I wish they would have added coming soon to the scheduled section.

Various filters are features and not bugs.

I’m sure the various apps have plenty of bugs to report.

Since you don’t know… doesn’t mean nobody.

who cares about pandemic theories - people die, families are impacted empathic people care about the suffering of others’

if it wasn’t there… and now it is - who knows?

Well there seems to have been one big change, at least as it affected me. After the change the web app insisted that I upgrade Tablo firmware from the previous old one I was deliberately using to assure compatibility with various devices. It changed that opening upgrade nag screen from one allowing “Later” to only upgrading or quitting.

I tried a variety of ways around this and found that if I wanted to continue to use the web app I had to upgrade the firmware. I know providers would like to see consistency among users and some do require upgrades without opt out, but it was always part of Tablo’s friendliness that one had this option to wait. I also know Tablo might say something coming down the pike will require the newer firmware.

But that’s NOT a minor change to someone who had to stop, upgrade the system when a recording wasn’t being made, and didn’t want to.

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Thanks, so there are other who may care! Just because one or some don’t - doesn’t make it unimportant. It does seem to be counter to tablo’s previous business model. They could at least announce they won’t announce :stuck_out_tongue:

with these newly revised updated web apps can @TabloAnyone ever answer the difference

  • Access to most Tablo screens and features including settings


  • Access to all Tablo screens and filters including settings

and which “most” screen the web has, or doesn’t. and differences between features and filters when lising Benefits of different apps and devices and why some have features while others have filters?