NEW - Tablo Web App Update (1.5.0)

Hi everyone -

A new update to the web app has rolled out which adds some new options to the ‘keep X’ function introduced in 2.2.18.

As usual, the web app can be accessed at via Chrome and Safari browsers.

Tablo Web Update v 1.5.0
• Adds schedule underline to the Live TV grid
• Adds “Keep 10” and “Keep 20" Recording Options
• Adds Tablo Cloud DVR management screens (only for Tablo DUAL LITE)
• Bug fixes

We hope you enjoy this update!

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to drop us a line or comment below.


When I do a rescan with the web app. I only get 10 stations. When I do it in the android app I get 28. Something is still strange with the rescan page in the web app.

Are you waiting until the rescan finishes?
Mine hangs for a couple minutes after displaying the first 10 stations.

This. Last time I did a scan from our Shield TV using the Android TV Tablo app it stuck at 10 stations for a good 3-4 minutes and then updated to 52.

Are you running the scan by navigating to: Settings > Edit location > Use current > Begin channel scan?

Which Android app are you using - the one for smartphones/tablets? These apps more or less use the same method to run a scan that uses.

Thanks for that Orange UnderLine !!! - Genius :slight_smile:

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This is the new model we’re moving to since the ‘flag’ was harder to see on longer recordings.

I usually go to Settings > Edit Channel Lineup > Rescan.