NEW - Tablo Web App Update (v. 1.4.1)

Hi folks -

A new update to the web app has rolled out so you can access the awesome new advanced recording features in firmware 2.2.18 on your PC or MAC.

Tablo Web App v 1.4.1

• Adds ‘Stop’ button to allow unscheduling of in-progress recordings (requires firmware 2.2.18)
• Adds advanced recording scheduling options (requires firmware 2.2.18)

Enjoy using these new features and let us know how you like them!

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1.4.1 build 861 [201801231739] was actually rolled out 12/23. You can tell when you use a WEB browser and you connect. you get the full SYNC activity - large moving tiles.

But it appears to have at least 2 bugs.

  1. If you use a start up section other then Prime Time. It now starts in Prime Time and that is also represented in the Settings menu.

Even after changing the Settings menu it continues to start up in Prime Time.
If you just delete the tablo unit and re-add it. It continues to start up in Prime Time.

You have to delete the unit, clear the cache, and exit the browser , start the browser and re-add the unit before it recognizes the Start Up section. If you then delete the unit as a test, you are new back in the circle of death with the Start Up section.

  1. I had a NFL game scheduled and when I scheduled another recording I had a conflict. I just unchecked the NFL game. It remained in the Scheduled section even thought it’s not actually on the tablo unit - at least not reported via Roku.

Deleting the tablo unit and clearing the cache doesn’t seem to make it go away. Using older Chrome release. Notice the NFL game with no orange indicator. Trying to re-schedule and un-schedule has no affect.

Mines working fine, I did have to reset it in settings but once done its starting up in whatever I set it as. (Well, I tested it on the settings of Live TV or TV shows).

@zippy - Just tried a few times here to reproduce the ‘startup section’ issue you’re seeing, but no dice. It sounds like it was a sync issue on your end.

As for the NFL issue, is that a manual recording?

I have multiple tablo units(3), so you do have to use the disconnect function, and it happens on all them.

And it started after the full sync which started 1/23. And below is where I just now deleted the tablo unit and re-added it. Before it said Recordings.

Notice it says Prime Time. But I also know that if I delete the unit (all the units), clear the cache, exit the browser , start the browser and re-add the tablos life will return to normal.

The NFL game is not a manual recording. I have also tried to get it to disappear by going into the resolve conflict menu and un-selecting it. Same result. But I didn’t try to jump through the hoops of un-selecting another episode, going back and un-selecting the NFL game, and re-selecting the other show.

Remember this is an older version of Chrome(Version 49.0.2623.112 m), the last XP release, which I only use for tablo.

That is very likely the issue unfortunately :frowning: We’ve tried a number of ways to reproduce this in house and aren’t able.

Well, tablo promised to bring it’s Roku app up WEB functionality December of 2014.

Of course I’m still waiting. I’d love to leave the WEB app. So I purchased a Fire Stick during the Black Friday sale.

Low and behold I found tablo app that almost works for “Settings” functionality and a pre-view app that looks like something I coded in the 1970’s, at 2AM, while on LSD.

@TabloTV - with this web update I noticed that the categories on the Prime Time screen (like All, New, etc.) have disappeared, is this intentional? These categories show in the other screens. Not on the 2.2.18 firmware yet so not sure if that has something to do with it.

To those already on 2.2.18, do the categories reappear?

Before -

After -

On the updated iPhone app the categories are only under TV Shows, not Prime Time.

I’ll check with the web app later.

Do you still have the categories under TV Shows?

Yes, have the categories under TV Shows.

They did away with the categories… something about bringing all apps into “parity” with one another. I think when “parity” between apps was mentioned, most of us thought features would be added to apps that didn’t have them, rather than removing features from existing apps. I liked the ability to use some of the removed features when scheduling shows to be recorded, and was sad to see them removed. Hopefully, they’ll bring them back in a future update.

The concept of Prime Time was created many, many years ago when most homes only received the major networks and these networks concentrated shows for the primary buying audience between 8 PM - 11 PM…

I have no idea what the channel line looks like in Canada but in the United states I would think the concept of Prime Time has become very muddled. Over 65% of the channels I receive are sub-channels. It’s hard to think of a ton of cooking shows and “Maude” as Prime Time.

If you live on the West coast some shows and sports events that start at 8 PM on the east cost start at 5 PM on the West coast. Thus they don’t show up under Prime Time.

But I did notice that it appears that the last Roku app update seemed to have moved any movies that started between 8 PM - 11 PM out of Prime Time.