NEW - Tablo Firmware Update for DUAL HDMI (v. 2.2.31 - Dec 15)

Hi folks -

Another new firmware release for Tablo DUAL HDMI is on the way.

(This release is NOT for network-connected Tablo DVRs.)

This is a second maintenance release intended to address some additional issues seen by early customers.

A notification will pop up in the Tablo interface by tomorrow (Wednesday the 16th of December) but you can check for and process the update immediately by going to SETTINGS > ABOUT > CHECK FOR FIRMWARE UPDATE.

Here’s what you can expect:

Tablo DUAL HDMI Firmware Release (2.2.31 - December 15)

  • Fix for ‘Unknown Error’ issue on guide screens
  • Fix for infinite spinner issue on Settings screen
  • Fix for video output only filling a quadrant of the TV display
  • Fix for issue where the WiFi switch state was not preserved across reboots/updates
  • Fix for TV turning off during the update process
  • Adds new option to disable the screensaver

NOTE: Firmware updates may take several minutes to complete. During this time the Tablo will display an update screen.

If you have any feedback of questions about this release, please post them below.

If you need support assistance, place a ticket and we’ll touch base with you soon.

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The first fix on the list “Fix for ‘Unknown Error’ issue on guide screens” Actually, I’m not sure we had the problem prior to v2.2.31, but we sure have it now.

This is VERY annoying and my wife IS REALLY P____ OFF!!!


^^^ Agree

We thought we had it licked previously but apparently not which is why we’ve been working more on this issue.

We’re testing a new update that :crossed_fingers: will squash this bug for good. Stay tuned.

Thank you!! It is GREATLY appreciated.

Yep have this issue as well and really annoying. Also the little circle when signal seems to be poor (though im sure its not since in the previous seconds or mins the image is mint) and erroring out while you watch live tv. Those issues and others are starting to wear me out

Hi @SteveB, @Robert_Kulp, @mehc - A new update is now available that should help.

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