NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.36

Hi there Tablo family!

A new Tablo firmware update is on the way for network-connected Tablo DVRs . (This excludes the Tablo DUAL HDMI and Tablo QUAD HDMI).

Like all Tablo firmware updates, this is being distributed in a staged rollout over the next few weeks. A small number of customers will receive the update today, with more added to the rollout every weekday. All network-connected Tablo DVRs are now eligible to update to 2.2.36.

When your DVR is eligible for the update, a notification will pop up within most Tablo apps and will look like this:

Here’s what you can expect:

Release Notes for Firmware 2.2.36

• [NEW] Adds support for updated Apple TV app (please reboot your Apple TV after the firmware update)
• Fix for cover art aspect ratio issue
• Additional improvements to TV Guide Data service for missing guide data
• Other reliability and performance enhancements

NOTE: Post-upgrade database processes (if needed) may take several minutes to complete. During this time the LED will be blinking. Do not power down the Tablo until the LED is solid again.

What You Should Know About This Release

The fix for incorrect cover art will not be immediate. Brand new shows added to the guide after this update should have the correct aspect ratio for cover art. Art for existing programs in your guide will be renewed over the coming months.

As for the guide data fix, if you do see incorrect or missing guide data on one of your channels, run a fresh channel scan and save that scan by selecting ADD TO GUIDE after processing the firmware update. If your incorrect or missing data problem persists the day after you perform this process, please let us know.

For tips and tricks on successful firmware updates head over to the Knowledge Base.

Have trouble connecting to your Tablo after the update? Use these troubleshooting tips.

Otherwise, if you have any feedback or questions about this release, please post them below.

If you need support assistance, place a ticket and we’ll be in touch soon.



One question though, The title says Release 2.2.36 but the detail text says Release 2.2.35. Is this a mis-type?



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I just received the “new update available” prompt for firmware 2.2.36. I selected “update” and nothing happened. I waited for about 20 minutes and selected “update” again and nothing happened. I closed out the app (Roku), opened it and then noticed that the firmware update prompt is gone. When I select “check for firmware update” the device says that it is up to date but the firmware is still on version 2.2.34.

I also noticed that the blue light on my Tablo has been blinking on/off once every second for about an hour. I am hesitant to reboot it while the light is flashing. The device is working but its extremely slow and the cover art is no longer uniform. Some images are regular size while others are 50% smaller or missing altogether.

NOTE: Post-upgrade database processes (if needed) may take several minutes to complete. During this time the LED will be blinking. Do not power down the Tablo until the LED is solid again.

Time can be a relative concept.

As for the guide data fix, if you do see incorrect or missing guide data on one of your channels, run a fresh channel scan and save that scan by selecting ADD TO GUIDE after processing the firmware update . If your incorrect or missing data problem persists after this process, please let us know.

@RCM Late yesterday we ran into some networking issues at HQ which affected the build server that distributes firmware updates. Everything has been resolved and tested so you should be able to try again now.

Thanks for responding. I’ll l give it another shot in a bit.

UPDATE: The new firmware loaded properly. The guide seems much snappier! My scheduled and current recordings are still intact.

The cover art on some programs still displays the improper aspect ratio. I realize that it will take time to update the existing art. I performed a new channel scan but I’m still missing guide data on several channels.


After the last two firmware updates, I have experienced a “no tuners available” problem immediately after installing. This breaks all scheduled recordings and live playback.

The remedy is to reset (unplug/plug power) the Tablo after a firmware update, and all is well again.


If you have one of the older model Tablo units (2-Tuner or 4-Tuner) the post upgrade/boot-up sequences for the tuners and re-mounting storage can take a bit longer than on the newer models.

Next time around, wait a few more minutes instead of rebooting again. You’ll see everything will be ready to roll without the reboot.

TabloTV, is the firmware rollout schedule static, or can “seekers” do anything in the system to have it distributed earlier in the rollout schedule? (Similar to how Windows users can obtain updates earlier if they click “check for updates” vs if they let windows update distribute on its own pre-determined schedule. Specifically, had in mind the “check for firmware update” button on the settings page of the Tablo Roku app.

Well, if you wanted to become a beta tester that would get it to you earlier. :wink:

For those that have preformed this firmware upgrade already, what was your experience like?
Were there any issues or surprises? Or did the upgrade go flawlessly?

I’m always reluctant to do any firmware upgrades without first hearing some chatter from the community.
In this case maybe no news is good news.

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I have 2 OG 2-tuners and a dual64. All have been upgraded and haven’t seen any problems. But it’s summer and not a lot worth recording.

The CS failure messages are back for Roku. But if you are using CS it seems that this release may predetermine that the recording isn’t eligible for CS before thumbnails are generated.

As an example, if you have 3 one hour recordings starting at 7PM all in a row on the same channel and a 2 hour recording starting at 7:30PM on a different channel, This release seems to know at 8PM that the 7PM-8PM isn’t going to work with CS. And that is before the thumbnails can even be generated.

I have a Dual Lite. No issues thus far and have seen corrections to artwork that was off center or cut off in the past.

No issues for me. I have an OG 2-tuner. I’ve never had troubles with any Tablo firmware updates for 6+ years.

I have an original 4 tuner Tablo… no issues after the update.

If you’re willing we can take a look at your Tablo’s logs… Otherwise, we’ll try to reproduce this at HQ.

Out of curiosity, do you recall the four programs you had set to record?

I opened a ticket and sent more information.

Since this is a 2-tuner there might be a case where a recording that had 3 weak failures and the other 50-some minutes of the episode recorded but knocked a recording on a different channel off 3-4 minutes early - before the end. Both one hour episodes said it recorded for 56 minutes.

But that might not be 2.2.36.

Thanks @zippy. The reception issues could indeed be the culprit.

Should a reception issue at the start of a one hour recording on channel 17 stop a recording at the end on a completely different channel 4 minutes early so that both episodes said it recorded for 56 minutes.

And I’m only referring to episodes that have major good parts(usually the end) that you can view/play. Not the junk ones. Of course if channel 17-1 would stop messing around everything would be back to normal.

But here is an example from last night. 3 one hour X-files 7pm, 8pm, 9pm. The first 2 I saw the episode started with a weak signal failure. the typical 3 failures (no data) and the final failure one minute of data. I deleted those before 9PM. But the 9PM started on time but said it only recorded for 56 minutes. It said no CS due to weak signal. The recording appears to start perfect at 9PM but there are no thumbnails. I will have to watch the whole recording to see what if anything is going on with the signal