NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.36

Did the up date and now froze up on my location and can’t get out?

At what step of the update did your unit freeze up? What is the light on the front of your Tablo doing? Have you tried accessing your Tablo from another device?

Completed down load will not play on TVs, Will play on lap top

Completed down load will not play on TVs, Will play on lap top. light is solid

Since your Tablo is playing on other devices, I would suggest rebooting whatever device you are using to watch your Tablo on your TV. It doesn’t appear that there is anything wrong with your Tablo, just your playback device not correctly connecting to your Tablo.

Also reboot your router.

Completed 2.2.36 firmware update July 2. Currently remote so accessing via Tablo Connect. Live TV is fine on all platforms (Amazon Firestick, Android etc), however, cannot play any recordings on Amazon FireStick. Nothing will play. All other platforms fine. Opened ticket today.

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I can play recording on my gen 2 fire tv stick.

But for the guide that I received under Sports the hockey playoffs for games 3,4,5,6 were each independent entries with no picture icon just the words in the icon area NHL Hockey. Games 7 has an NHL icon.

For yesterdays game 3 playoff on Roku under Recordings there is no picture icon but just the words “NHL Hockey”. That’s fine. On Fire TV Stick that same entry shows up with just the letter “X”. When you position on top of the recording icon below appears “NHL Hockey”. Of course if you had hundreds of recordings like this you would go nuts positioning on top to determine what it was.

Seeing the same thing with the NHL series and put in a ticket yesterday.

I rarely if ever use my Fire TV Stick. It’s just a backup for my Roku’s.

I have multiple units and didn’t want to mention I was on unit 2 to checking this out. And after switch my TV back to Roku and then back to FireTV Stick I ended up with some unknown error connecting to unit 2 with a retry option. Of course this retry never fixes anything. But rebooting my Fire TV Stick seems to have cleared the unknown error.

Of course I can’t reproduce - but that’s life.

Here’s my experience (and why I rolled back the firmware already):
Firstly, I’m not seeing any improvements insofar as the “cover art” issue is concerned!
Even with new shows, it’s still the same.
Not to mention that I still have several shows amongst my library that are missing the cover art entirely. Waited for three nightly updates and no improvements whatsoever.
If I call them, they’ll want to access my unit (so that they can tell me there’s nothing wrong with it).
This is very discouraging, since approx. 6 months ago, a rep at Tablo support assured me that the cover art issues would be resolved within a month. Here it is approx. 5-6 months of waiting and there’s no improvement!
Fair question…after all of this time, why haven’t these problems really been fixed?
They’re charging a fee for a feature that hasn’t worked properly for a long time now!
That’s unreasonable!
Additionally, what are these “other misc. improvements”? Why is that always a mystery?
One more (important) issue…In just 3 days, I’m noticing “commercial detection failed” messages for shows that weren’t problematic before!
So, in essence, no fix and a problem gets injected with the new F/W version! Terrific!
So is it really an upgrade? I’m confused!
As an experiment, I rolled back the F/W (to 2.2.34) and two of the shows that had those commercial skip failure messages have “commercial skip ready” messages instead!
I hope that I’ve proven my point.
2.2.36 obviously appears to be buggy (after waiting all of this time to achieve some results)!
What’s going on, Tablo??

In fairness…

So I wouldn’t expect it to be resolved after 3 nightly updates and they were pretty clear about that.

So being clear about what to expect from the non-update is supposed to be acceptable?
After waiting approx. six months for this, it doesn’t even provide a fix, yet they continue to charge for a feature that doesn’t work properly? …and now they’re saying that the problem will be resolved in the coming months?
Is that going to mean another six months?
Could they possibly be more vague and less helpful?
Are they too preoccupied with working on new products to help all of those that have been faithful users who’ve invested in their other products?
Seriously, Tablo??

Your Tablo renews images based on a few different factors…

  • Premiering program - these should all show the correct aspect ratio from now on
  • Season premiere - once the new season begins and new art is provided, these should show the correct aspect ratio from now on
  • Ongoing programs - art for these is renewed every quarter or so therefore you should see these be corrected by the fall

That is of course, if you’re running 2.2.36.

I think they clearly stated that the cover art situation isn’t immediately resolved and they have now provided additional details as to more specifically how/when it will be resolved. Just because you don’t like the timeframe doesn’t make it unacceptable.


OK…but what about the fact that I had normal cover art for most (if not all) of my recorded shows until they suddenly became corrupted approx. six months ago and several have no cover art whatsoever?
What about the fact that I was told (by two different reps) that it shouldn’t take more than a month to resolve it?
What about the fact that, after all of this time, my cover art was still corrupted (and some was missing) after downloading 2.2.36?
What happens to all of the corrupted cover art (from previously recorded shows)?
Why is there no problem with the cover art (for the same exact shows) on a variety of other devices (such as cable boxes)?
If this is the result of waiting six months for some improvement with an ongoing problem (that still exists!), yes, it’s completely unacceptable!
Being passive and just accepting this non-update (after waiting far too long) doesn’t help anyone!

Thanks for the response…
Every quarter??
It’s been 2 quarters at this point and you can add yet another quarter in September!
So users should be kept waiting (for questionable results) approx. 9 months for the possibility of a resolution for what was normal cover art originally? Really??
When there was no problem originally and you weren’t able to accomplish anything whatsoever for 6 months (and there’s still no improvement)?
I’m sorry if I’m not being (conveniently) passive about this…but this is all wrong!
…and why were some shows suddenly generating “commercial skip detection failed” after downloading the new update? What’s this?
What was accomplished here (other than the questionable potential of having normal cover art later on in the future)?
…and why are you unable to reveal the specifics for the (supposed) additional improvements?
A detailed response would be appreciated!

Look at the section titled…

" A Few Extra Notes…

Guide Data Image Change"

That’s the initial part, where the guide provider changed some things on their side related to the cover art, so initially Tablo had to prepare for that change, which they did with the 2.2.32 firmware update.

Then this happened…

Which is probably when you started seeing the stuff being cut-off. So then they had to make more adjustments to the 2.2.32 changes to lay the groundwork for the necessary logic to get the correct aspect ratio image since what they were provided to test 2.2.32 with wasn’t what was actually being sent when the guide provider actually implemented the initial change on their side,

Those additional changes are what was done in 2.2.36. So now the Tablo unit itself has all the necessary changes in place to deal with all the changes the guide provider made in the data they are providing, they just have to wait to get the actual refreshed, post-guide provider changes data from the guide provider themselves, according to the timeline above. The cover art comes from the guide provider.

Where exactly are you seeing that they said after installing the 2.2.36 firmware the cover art issue would be resolved? They explicitly state it would NOT be. Sure, it’s solved in the Tablo logic, but they still have to get the new cover art from the guide provider to process it through that logic.

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Buffering got better with this update but now my recordings won’t play? They play on my iPad but not firetv? Ill try to rollback the update when I go home.