NEW - Tablo Amazon Fire TV/Android TV App Update (v. 1.6.8)

Happy Friday folks -

A small update to the original Tablo app for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV devices is on the way.

Since the vast majority of new development and features is being done on the Tablo PREVIEW app, this only includes a few bug fixes.

If you’re still using the original Tablo app on your Fire TV or Android device, and you haven’t tried the PREVIEW app please do so!

The Tablo PREVIEW app does not require syncing, and includes new features like Quick Channel Select.

The only features it does not support as of now are out-of-home streaming via Tablo Connect, and manual programs. However, you can have and use BOTH apps on your device if you need to switch back and forth.

To get the Tablo PREVIEW app, just go to the search area on your device, type in TABLO, and select the app marked Tablo PREVIEW.

Tablo App for Amazon Fire TV/Android TV - 1.6.8

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment below or drop us a line.

What are the fixes & improvements? Making all channels work with surround sound I hope.

The Preview app works with surround sound. I don’t think the OG app works with SS.

The OG app does work with SS, but not with all channels or at least one of my major local network channels anyway. So to ensure that all my recordings work properly I have to leave this setting turned off. Thus I am hoping maybe this was fixed.

Oh really - I could not get any recording or any channel to play with the OG app on my Fire TV box.

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These two reasons are exactly why I still prefer the OG app over the Preview app, but I suppose I could simply use use both as suggested here. It just seems odd to me that I should need to. I obviously don’t know/understand why connect & manual recordings is not an option on the Preview app &/or why surround sound is not fully functional with the OG app, but it is frustrating none the less that I would need to use two different apps to take advantage of all features available.

the original app is not designed to work with 5.1 Surround Sound.

PREVIEW works with a newer back-end technology. It does not have support for Manual Recordings or Tablo Connect at this time.

When PREVIEW becomes feature complete, it will become the new defacto app.

Do you have a time frame to have Preview working with the connect feature ?.
Connect is the reason I purchased Tablo in the first place.
Are you retiring connect ?

We aren’t retiring Tablo Connect at all. In fact we’re working to make it even better.

Tablo PREVIEW does not have Tablo Connect yet because it uses a different back-end communication method than the traditional app. This communication method does not yet support Tablo Connect but we are working on adding it.

I don’t have a specific timeline, but it’s one of the top things on the to-do list.


You need to speed up the bringing Connect feature with Preview.

Sling AirTv is a serious competitor. Its remote access feature is smooth and has very fast response time. Connect is much slower and the back end is complicated and fragile.

Please take this as a constructive commentary.

I have used Connect for 7 months now (spent 5 weeks setting it up with Tablo support), and it has proven to be slow and fragile (especially with Verizon Fios).

However I got tired of getting disconnected from home. I purchased an AirTv and it has worked smooth for 3 weeks now. Setup was a snap.

Looking forward to performance upgrade. I recorded about 2 hours of the Bear-Lions Thanksgiving Day game and started the playback on version 1.6. The recording would play back for 20-30 seconds and then buffer for 10 seconds or so. Should have just watched it live.

I have issues with sound on a firetv being ahead of the video.

This version of Tablo Preview is dramatically better on my FireTV Stick.

The older version seemed to be much slower.

I have a suggestion for an improvement to Tablo Preview.

Currently you have a column of letters as an index to the recorded programs. That works well.

But as soon as I select a TV series I get a very long row of icons of all the programs in all the Seasons.

Could you change that to another vertical column of numbers for the Seasons? Then there would be a much smaller row (or grid) of icons for the programs of just the selected Season.

I just updated the app, it was a mistake. I’ve lost my ability to remote connect. Is there anyway to get it back without bring the fire stick back home?

Nope you have to bring it home to re-sync to your network.

My wife (I’m her IT administrator) asked me a question: “If I’m watching a show on Live TV and I wanted to record it, how do I do that?” Lame answer was to exit Live TV, go to the guide which always starts with the first channel in my Favorites list, scan down to the actual channel being watched, move cursor over to the show “being watched” and hit the select button, which brings up an options screen to Watch or Record. There must be a better way. A better answer would have been to hit the down arrow, and select either captions or record. Help soon, as my wife is still not convinced I made a good move with Tablo. Thanks…