NEW - Tablo Preview App Update (v. 1.6.0)

Happy Wednesday Tablo fans!

A new update for the Tablo Preview app is on the way which includes some fixes AND the long-awaited Quick Channel Select feature! To enable it, just hit the ‘UP’ button on your remote’s directional navigation pad.

When you have more than 1 active Live TV channel tuned, you can quickly switch back to the last channel you were viewing by hitting the ‘back’ button on your Fire TV or Android TV remote:


If you use an Amazon Fire TV or Android TV streaming device to view content from your Tablo and you haven’t checked out the Preview app lately, you REALLY should.

Here’s what you can expect:

Tablo Preview App Update – v. 1.6.0

• Adds ‘Quick Channel Select’ feature to Live TV playback screens
• Adds ‘Skip to Live’ button to Live TV playback screens
• Adds ‘All’ & ‘Premiering’ Filters to TV Shows menu
• Fix for issue where app could become unresponsive
• Other bug fixes and performance improvements

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to drop us a line or comment below.


When will this begin rolling out?

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It’s propagating now! Should be available now or very soon for you.

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Scheduled/Coming Soon not working for me using Android TV…getting a perpetual spinning circle.

So when you select just those two you get the circle and nothing ever populates on the right side of the screen? Do the other filters work OK? Which device is this? I’m having no issues with them on my Shield TV.

Scheduled-All fully populates, but Scheduled-Coming Soon does not populate at all for me using Android TV (CM Stream+). All other filters are working. My Roku’s Coming Soon filter works.

This update has worked perfectly for me with Amazon gen-1 firestick, and my new 4K gen-2 firestick. Wow, the 4K firestick runs very fast!

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Can you try deleting & re-adding the app?

It works beautifully. Perfect!

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Reinstalling the app fixed it. Thank-you.

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Does the preview app work on the gen 1 box?

Yep! Both apps are supported on all versions of the Fire TV hardware.

It is one of the slower Fire TV devices out there, so it won’t be as smooth/speedy as some of the newer devices but it’ll work!

(FYI - did some good benchmarks of all the Fire TV devices recently:

Can I reinstall the Preview app without losing any of my recordings?

Yep. Installing/using both apps won’t affect any data or settings on your Tablo.

Excellent! Thank you for the quick reply.

Does this work with the Connect (out of home) feature ?

It does not.

The two big features it doesn’t yet support are Tablo Connect and manual recordings.

You can use/maintain both apps at the same time if you need to switch back and forth to use those other features.

Has anyone tried using the Android TV version on a phone? @TabloTV, could you please provide a link to download the APK? I use the regular Android app, but I’m interested in seeing how the Preview app works with the REST API on my phone.

It’s really not designed to be used on a phone. PREVIEW is 100% a leanback app.

We do want to eventually move the rest of our mobile apps over to the new API though.

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I side loaded the preview app a few months ago (Android). It was great to have an instant connection without sync, but it didn’t seem very touch screen friendly. It wasn’t really that usable on my phone or Android tablet.

I’m looking forward to the mobile apps using the new API, very much!